And so despite the health emergency that has been going on since 2020, the Consortium of Brunello di Montalcino, with great will and courage, he reaches his goal, which is to have a preview of his latest dream vintages in the press and insiders: the 2016 Brunello di Montalcino and the 2015 Riserva, both 5-star harvests.

In an almost deserted Montalcino, swept by the cold north wind, the first edition (and hopefully the last) of Brunello Off. To host it the Cloister of the Montalcino Museum, where thanks to very strict security measures and an impeccable organization, the first event of the wine sector in Tuscany took place: 140 wineries for over 400 tasting labels

In fact, the 2016 seasonal trend allowed the grapes to reach the right point of ripeness with an optimal balance between acidity and sugars due to a not too hot summer, characterized by temperature variations between night and day, ideal for intensifying perfumes and colors.

The vintage in the glass has brought out a great balance between producers, wines where the fruit emerges in the preponderant world, combined with freshness and an acid shoulder that will allow these labels to stand out over time.

During the first appointment of Brunello Off on March 6th, the highly anticipated ceremony of the tile took place, this year created by Federica Pellegrini, which has chosen to represent a phoenix on the decorative tile dedicated to the 2020 harvest with 5 stars. “It is a sign of good omen and rebirth for wine and for all of us - he said Fabrizio Bindocci, president of the Brunello di Montalcino wine consortium -, the same good omen that made us an exceptional harvest in a terrible year like the one just ended ".

My tastings were focused on Selections of Brunello vintage 2016, in fact, I have chosen to concentrate my tastings on those wines that each company considers identity, unique expressions of a vineyard and a land, which know how to give unique personal notes.

Altesino, Montosoli | ⭐⭐

The nose is decisive. Dark fruits, leather, spices and balsamic notes prevail, sip composed with a well-distributed tannic texture.

Banfi, Poggio alle Mura Vigna Marrucheto | ⭐⭐

Round and woody nose, on the palate it is slender and pleasant to drink. Gastronomic! 

Barbi, Vigna del Fiore | ⭐

Shy nose, with well accentuated herbaceous notes, composed and along the palate with a marked minerality.

Camigliano, Unexpected Landscape | ⭐⭐

Fresh nose of Mediterranean scrub, dynamic and fragrant on the palate.

Canalicchio di sopra, La Casaccia | ⭐⭐

Elegant nose of dark and buttery notes, persistent and well structured on the palate.

Caparzo, Vineyard the House | ⭐⭐

On the nose caramelized fruit and coffee, with a slender body and still crunchy fruit.

Castle hermitage, Silk thread | ⭐⭐⭐

Bright purple on the nose, grandiose palate rich in fruit and great persistence.

Tricerci Castle AD 1441 | ⭐

Nose composed with balsamic and Mediterranean scrub notes, fresh on the palate with tannins to be refined.

Castiglion del Bosco, Campo del Drago | ⭐⭐

Wide on the nose, with notes of cherry and red rose, sweet matter on the palate but still nervous tannins.

Onyx quarry, Colombaio | ⭐⭐

Mineral nose with notes of violets and red flowers, soft and balanced on the palate.

Col di Lamo, Diletta | ⭐

Shy nose, angular palate with good acidity

Ciacci Piccolomini vineyard pian rosso | ⭐⭐

Dark and elegant nose with notes of undergrowth and chocolate, balanced and soft on the palate. Gastronomic!

Cortonesi, Vigna Poggiarelli | ⭐⭐

Dried plum and undergrowth on the nose, fresh and long palate.

Cinelli Colombini, First Women | ⭐⭐⭐

Violet and wild strawberries on the nose, fresh and drinkable on the palate. Gastronomic!

Fanti, Vigna Vallocchio | ⭐⭐⭐

Mineral hints stand out on the nose, but also bright toasted notes and red fruit, Pasty and elegant on the palate, with very pleasant notes of chocolate at the end of the sip.

La Fiorita, Flower of NO | ⭐⭐⭐

Elegant and discreet nose of ripe red fruit, soft and round palate.

La Fornace, Origins | ⭐⭐⭐

Mineral nose with hints of juniper and Mediterranean scrub, composed and enveloping on the palate with notes of coffee and spices at the end.

Le Gode, Vigna Montosoli | ⭐⭐

On the nose hints of chocolate and coffee, on the palate round with notes of cherry undergrowth.

Mastrojanni, Vigna Loreto | ⭐⭐

Sweet nose of toasted and caramel notes, round and elegant palate.

Palace, Cosimo | ⭐⭐

Ample on the nose, dark fruit with balsamic and toasted notes, round and well-balanced palate.

Podere Le Ripi, Love and Magic | ⭐⭐⭐

Elegant and intense nose, lavender and caramel stand out, juicy and sweet on the palate.

Poggio Antico, Altero | ⭐

Ethereal nose, rich and mature sip, lively tannic closure.

Ridolfi, Rebecca Woman | ⭐⭐

Discreet but elegant nose, roasted notes and blueberry, on the palate it is composed and with a persistent acidity. Closes well.

Poggio San Polo, Podernovi | ⭐⭐

Mineral and measured nose with hints of licorice, long notes of rosemary and Mediterranean scrub on the palate.

Sassodisole, Sasso di Luna | ⭐⭐⭐

Violet and red fruits on the nose, lively but composed, fresh and pleasant palate with a vigorous tannic texture. Gastronomic!

The Togata, Togata of the Togati | ⭐⭐

Nose with sparkling mineral hints and notes of aromatic herbs, floral fruit palate. Strong tannic hold.

Fanti, the Macchierelle Riserva 2015 | ⭐⭐

Delicate nose of coffee and caramel, round but decisive palate with a biting spicy finish.

Terre Nere, Riserva 2015 | ⭐⭐

Dried plum and blackberry on the nose but also pleasant hints of lavender, sweet and elegant palate with a muscular tannic closure. Gastronomic!

Val di Suga, Poggio al Granchio | ⭐⭐

Cherry and violet stand out on the nose, juicy fruit on the palate but lively tannins.

Villa i Cipressi, Zebras | ⭐⭐⭐

A triumph of currant and raspberries on the nose, lively and floral palate. Gastronomic!

Villa Poggio ai Salvi, Pomona | ⭐⭐

Bright nose of wild strawberries and violets, an interesting and pressing sip.