About 10.000 was born some years ago, with the first tribes, in Italy and in our region the family business is real cultural heritage of the Tuscan productive fabric. Meeting Luca Simoni during the last Vinitaly, one of the five brothers of the agricultural society San Giorgio a Lapi di Siena.

"Italy is different from north to south," he tells us Luca Simoni di San Giorgio a Lapi - we produce all different wines, we have more than 2000 autochthonous vineyards, this means that from hill to hill, every 100 meter, a different thing is produced. The Chianti Consortium it's like a family that agglomerates many small families. The strength of Italy is the union in our diversity ".

In this corner of the province of Siena, these brothers 5, together with the Sangiovese, raise two typical vines of our region, such as the Canaiolo and the Colorino.


"Chianti Colli Senesi is made with 90% Sangiovese and 10% Colorino, - explains Luca - the Sangiovese has its harsh, strong part, the Canaiolo gives it softness and depth. By combining these two grapes we get a super wine. In the same way the Chianti Classico to which we have added a bit of Colorino which has more body and structure, increases the color and gives out even higher characteristics. "

The Trentino origins of his grandfather Hermes they gave the cue to give birth also to a Chianti Riserva with unique and unmistakable characteristics, a perfect mix of spicy notes and Tuscan character. ”We tried to combine a Sangiovese with a Teroldego, a Trentino grape brought to Tuscany by my grandfather over forty years ago that was of Trentino origin. Combining what brought my grandfather to what we have today and created a new wine. In this the hand was given by the north with the Teroldego ", continues Luca.

Five brothers who dedicate themselves, in different sectors, to life on the farm with joy, passion and a certainty: that of carrying out one of the most beautiful jobs in our territory.

"We are five brothers, each one takes care of a different thing and everyone likes a different wine." Red May Flower, a more acidic and fresher wine, who prefers the Chianti Colli Senesi, who prefers the more clayey area that leaves the fruity of the wine, who instead the Reserve, which instead is a more full-bodied, structural, mineral wine, or there is our little sister who prefers the Pinkish, our novelty, a pleasant up for the summer. Each brother has his own taste which we then report in these bottles of wine. "