Wine of long history and first in Italy to obtain the DOC, Vernaccia di San Gimignano has just celebrated the 50 ° of its denomination.

"These years have served to lay the foundations" - he declares Stefano Campatelli, Director of the Consortium of the San Gimignano Denomination - "to create the conditions for Vernaccia to be known all over the world"

Its fiftieth anniversary was honored by a great harvest, that of 2016 which gave wines of character and beautiful structure.

"The seasonal trend 2016 has helped us" - he declares Letizia Cesani, President of the Consortium of the Denomination San Gimignano - "in fact, even the date of harvest arrived in mid-September, like an ordinary vintage, with a very good state of health of the grapes. They are wines of great balance of great structure, fresh to the right point but real Vernacce that also have longevity expectations "


One of the few whites in a region of red Vernaccia confirms its uniqueness, keeping tight the relationship with its territory.

"The tasting approach must be totally different" - he continues Joy - "if traditionally a consumer, an enthusiast approaches a white wine looking for aromas and acidity, this in Venaccia does not find it. In fact, we need to go further, we need to change the traditional parameters, and in this the Vernaccia is a truly unique wine. "

Wine territory and memory it is the secular history of the Vernaccia of San Gimignano a publication that tells a unique place in the world as is the wine that represents it.

"Today, those who love Vernaccia who drinks wine in general do it for an experience" - he continues Joy - "an emotion, in a glass of wine are enclosed the roofs of this city towers, vineyards, landscapes, the history of people. This we wanted to tell in this book. "

Vernaccia's experience will become full-blown, through the restructuring of the Villa della Rocca which will become a true Academy of the denomination

"Many technologies that will help to divulge the name of Vernaccia di San Gimignano" - he comments Stefano Campatelli - "also with the possibility of tasting Vernaccia to take part in the Master Class, courses and seminars on Vernaccia, many initiatives to do in the area"