Il Morelli liqueur factory di Palaia (Pisa) celebrates its 110 years of activity with its new "Saffron Gin ", a 100% made in Tuscany product: 45 ° of aroma, style and purity.

"We wanted to honor Tuscany, our land and at the same time celebrate the 110th anniversary of our liqueur factory" - I tell myself Marco Morelli - “we got to know the farm Rossopuro by Lorenzo Firenzani in the period of the pandemic, their saffron is certified with 10 points of purity. "

The presentation event took place on the splendid terrace of the "ToscaNino"In Florence, where it was shown for the first time"Saffron Gin”: 100% Tuscan given the origin of the distillate, the saffron and the bottle handcrafted by a well-known glassmaker.

On the nose the sweetness of saffron and the character of juniper, on the palate it is dry and decisive then the saffron gently envelops the mouth, a distinct and elegant sip, full of freshness and vivacity.

"With 'Saffron Gin'we have realized another dream we have been pursuing for some time and which involved an intense period of research for the perfect formula and long months of testing to capture that peculiar taste that was very clear in our heads "- he continues Marco Morelli - "we are happy to have managed to tell the original and shining soul of Tuscany through this gin, dedicating to customers a luxury product that can accompany them in many wonderful moments both at home and away". - concludes Morelli.