Morelli liqueurs, for dinner with taste and tradition

The "Fuori di Taste" event held at Olio Restaurant in Florence highlighted the products of the historic liqueur factory in the province of Pisa.

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Every year Florence, in the period of Taste, magically takes life, and its most sought after premises are enriched with food-dedicated owners. The invitation to the tasting of this edition is at theOlio Restaurant, exclusive Florentine restaurant expertly led by Tommaso Vezzani, where the collected environment and the skilful use of lights give the right emphasis to the main actors: food and drinks.

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The dinner organized by the splendid Claudia Bondi for a few and selected professionals, the spotlight is all on the products of Morelli Liquorificio di Pisa, historic company born in Forcoli in the 1911 and that still today represents, for Tuscany and the world, a first excellence of Made in Italy.

"In May 2009 the company moved to Montanelli, province of Pisa" - he says Maurizio Benedetti, sales representative for Florence and the province - “we are very attached to the territory and its traditions. The Morelli family within its establishment also has a historical museum, authentic testimony of the transformations of the province of Pisa. "

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Dinner begins with a cocktail based drink Limoncino of Wine and Gin, a fresh and pleasant mix that has returned the main characteristics of the two Morelli products.

"Our Limoncino of Wine it is not a Limoncello, "- Maurizio points out -" in fact we have two basic ingredients: the white wine Grillo, a Sicilian grape, mixed with an infusion of limoncino. The lemons used come from the Island of Elba, it is a liqueur wine from 16% degrees born for the American market, excellent as an aperitif but also at the end of a meal. "

And then the Gin, based on Tuscan juniper flavored with Thyme, Chamomile and Rosemary, straw-colored. A new idea to combine different scents. In the mouth it is dry, warm and persistent, the juniper then arrives long and magnificent.

The first course arrives, a new entry in Morelli products: pappardelline with limoncino seasoned with salt cod sauce for the occasion. I found them delicate and appetizing, certainly a flavored pasta to be tasted without prejudice or taboos, combined also with white sauces and game.

Secondly, a fillet with a base of Etruscan bitter, from the Vintage Morelli line, on a bed of artichokes and enriched with a rhubarb gel. A perfect combination that restores roundness to the dish, dampening the acid point of the pig.

Maurizio, excited about the evening, tells the strong bond he has with this company "I joined 10 years ago, thanks to Marco Morelli the company has regained momentum "- Maurizio is keen to point out -" In recent years he has worked hard to create new lines and new tastes, such as the grappa Toscana, also available in a half-liter package, embellished with an original graphic design. "

The dinner ends with another delicacy: the Pan Arancino, fragrant sweet enriched with candied orange peel. For the occasion served with a chocolate cream at 18%. In combination, the magnificent Tuscan grappa, bright white that pleasantly wraps the palate and is discovered slowly. Roasted coffee, honey and then juniper and a great final magic: the dry mouth.

"In Florence our products are mainly found in catering" - he tells us Maurizio Benedetti - “but also at the Central Market. We export a lot, especially to France and Germany. "

Among the Morelli products I also discover the magnificent cantuccini of Prato, my favorite dessert. Consigliatissimi !!!!


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