80% Cabernet Sauvignon and 20% Sangiovese, let's say that this blend could in the first instance remove the admirers of the classic Tuscan, who love the roughness of the Sangiovese and the acidity of the Chianti, but this Etruscan is able to amaze even the most demanding palates.

Montecchio Vinitaly stand

Vinitaly 2016, with pleasure I stop by friends of the Fattoria Montecchio of Tavarnelle, where I find in tasting in addition to the "mythical" Priscus also other Supertuscan, the orange label ofEtruscan it strikes me a lot and at first glance its character fascinates me.

"L'Etruscan it was the last wine designed by my father, who passed away in the 2013 "- he says Riccardo Nuti, Fattoria di Montecchio - "This wine is born from the need to create a wine of international breadth that winks at the taste of the youngest that perhaps to get closer to the wine need a fresher product"

The Etruscan It comes from grapes harvested in a selected vineyard of the Fattoria Montecchio in Tavarnelle, which returns the best Cabernet Sauvignon breeding in the Chianti Classico. And this is precisely the added value of this Supertuscan, the character returned from the Tuscan land is appreciated in every sip.


"A wine that makes 18 months in barrique and 12 months in bottle" - continues Riccardo - "for us it is very important the refinement, it helps us to reach the roundness that we look for in all the wines we produce"

A harmonious and good-tasting wine, which does not tire the palate and can be appreciated even by the most demanding palates.