Il Peposo Day, the gastronomic challenge between the most awaited districts of Impruneta, is back and this time, to win the prize for the best version of the historic dish, it was Titian Baldi, the District Furnaces.

During the event, organized byGrape Festival Organization in Piazza Buondelmonti, as usual four representatives of the respective districts of Impruneta - Fornaci, Pallò, Sant'Antonio and Sante Marie - challenged each other in the kitchen by proposing their interpretations of the renowned stew, which today is also a registered trademark.

Dario Cecchini, Riccardo Lazzerini, Tiziano Baldi, Alessio Calamandrei

The expert jury of the tasting-competition, composed of Dario Cecchini, butcher of Panzano in Chianti and president of the jury, from Luca Falls, Osteria Tripperia Il Magazzino, from Felicia Palombo, Fattoria di Luiano and the food and wine journalist Leonardo Romanelli, awarded the Impruneta Tiziano Baldi, a fornacino Doc and a passionate cook. The second place was assigned to the Rione Sant'Antonio, the third to the Sante Marie while the fourth to the Rione Pallò.

“I put my commitment into the things I like and it certainly helped to win this time too; for me it is the sixth victory in this event. Of course it is a collective effort, my collaborators have been very important to obtain this result ”, explains the winner Titian Baldi.

The quality jury

“Peposo Day was born in the nineties with the double desire to combine the local wine with our typical local dish. - tells Riccardo Lazzerini, President of the Impruneta Grape Festival - The peposo is an ancient dish, prepared since 1300 by the bricklayers in the kilns of Impruneta with beef muscle. The meat was cooked for hours in wine, in an earthenware pan placed at the mouth of the oven in which pots and bricks were cooked; it is also mentioned by Brunelleschi ”.

The Municipality of Impruneta has also drawn up the production disciplinary for the peposo and the jurors, special guests, are required to select the best dish based on the original recipe.

The presidents of the 4 districts of Impruneta

"We have focused a lot on this initiative in recent years and I believe that the time is ripe to give it an exclusive stage - he specifies Lazzerini - for this reason, the Ente Festa dell'Uva, in agreement with the Municipal Administration, is working so that it can be proposed as early as 2022 as an independent festival in November. Let's see what the future holds in terms of a health emergency and then we will decide. The fact remains that this event is one of the cornerstones of the 95th Grape Festival ”.

“The quality jury of Peposo Day was born from the desire, on the part of the Grape Festival Authority, to make the most of both the dish and the work of the districts. From the beginning we offered ourselves as organizers of this group of jurors, including butchers, restaurateurs, winegrowers, food critics, food communication experts, etc. " - tells Matteo Pucci, director of the Gazzettino del Chianti - “Every year we try to bring to Impruneta people who by profession, training and passion may be able to judge the four peposi as correctly as possible. Without taking oneself too seriously but… seriously. A judgment that focuses on the original recipe, the one without tomato. It is a dish that identifies a community, a dish-toponym. The hope is that all this can lead to enhance it and enhance Impruneta ”.

Together with the peposo, visitors were able to taste the wines of the territory, including those of Consortium Chianti Colli Fiorentini.

“The guests of the event were able to accompany this tasty historic dish with our wines as we were present with a stand and eleven labels from the Consortium. - specifies Marco Ferretti, president of the Chianti Colli Fiorentini Consortium - The perfect combination with peposo all'prunetina? Definitely the Chianti Colli Fiorentini Riserva ”.

For the occasion, the shops in Impruneta remained open all day and the center was the scene of various recreational initiatives including the third Extemporaneous painting exhibition "The Colors of Grapes" promoted by the Ferdinando Paolieri Association in which Marco Chiarini, Giuseppe Aldi, Mauro Domenico and Alessandra Zago were awarded.

“We are pleased that Impruneta is also moved by these initiatives such as Peposo Day which, despite the difficult situation, always bring movement to the town. - declares Francesca Paterna, president of the Ccn of Impruneta - This is an excellent proposal, like all those that the Grape Festival has brought forward, to which we traders are always more than happy to join ”.

Photo credit: Danilo Forgeschi