People who viscerally love wine and its world recognize it immediately, they manage to make you understand their wine in a few simple words and why they have chosen to dedicate their lives to it.

Meeting Giorgio Comotti, Lombard doc from Trezzo d'Adda moved to Tuscany in the mid-eighties, in his company in San Gimignano, where with great passion mixed with a healthy spirit of challenge, he built his great paradise of emotions made of perfumes, aromas and space.

"Since I was a boy with my telescope I had fun scrutinizing space and the stars, they have always fascinated me, I gave my wines the name of the constellations because for me they are infinite as wine is" - Giorgio tells me - "to move here in Tuscany it was a dream come true, I love medieval history, ancient music, and San Gimignano is the perfect combination, and then the rural architecture of this landscape, the houses in Tuscany are unique and elegant even after 400 years. "

Organic since 2007, Il Palagione has a total area of ​​about 50 hectares of which 17 are vineyards and 3 are used for olive cultivation; Giorgio brought the land surrounding his home back to life by planting vineyards, renovating the buildings and in 2001 building the current wine cellar.

“This territory does not have a single interpretation, but must be interpreted, as well as the splendid Vernaccia grape. I believe that a wine like Vernaccia must remain faithful to itself in its identity, but it will always be the vineyard, its position, the soil and what is around it the key that allows me to give the right interpretation to each of my wine." - Giorgio continues.

Here at the Palagione you enter the vineyard 3 times, to have in the cellar types of grapes with different acidities and different evolutionary aromas: this allows Giorgio to obtain a great choice and versatility at the time of assembly, and also a great distinction of aromas and characters between its labels.


Hydra, Vernaccia 2020 

Vernaccia di San Gimignano in purity, straw-yellow in color with greenish reflections, on the nose green and fresh notes, jasmine, green apple, papaya; a wine of great freshness and cleanliness. Fresh and relaxed sip with hints of green apple and medium minerality.

Lyra, Vernaccia 2018 selection 

A cru from the vineyard called “Montagnana”, pure Vernaccia with a straw yellow color with greenish reflections, white peach on the nose, hints of honey and elderberry, but also officinal herbs. Dry sip with a slight spiciness on the finish, it closes with hints of apricot, of medium persistence.

Ori, Vernaccia Riserva 2019  

Vernaccia in purity, straw-colored with golden reflections, distinct nose of tropical fruit, yellow peach, aromas of rosemary and mint and a fine spicy note on the finish. Fresh and relaxed sip but at the same time fleshy, final with references to bitter almond. A distinct wine.

Caelum, Chianti Colli Senesi 2019

Pure Sangiovese, intense ruby ​​color with purple reflections, ripe fruit, cherry, morello cherry, black currant and notes of white pepper on the nose. Sweet and fruity sip, with good persistence.

Antajr 2016 

Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, ruby ​​color with purple reflections, rich and powerful nose, with hints of ripe cherry, plum and notes of leather and Mediterranean scrub. Full-bodied lively sip, beautiful tannic texture, vibrant fruit, closes with hints of coffee.

Ares 2016 

Merlot in purity, ruby ​​color with purple reflections, fruity nose of blackberry, morello cherry, cherries in alcohol and pleasant aromas of Mediterranean scrub. Rich, meaty and well-balanced sip, hints of blueberry and coffee.

The pleasant morning with Giorgio ends with the tasting of his brand new born: Demon, a wine obtained with the classic method from Sangiovese grapes, with twenty-four months on the lees to give life to a fresh, lively and direct bubble.