Rosé has now become part of our most common choices at the table, also thanks to the great quality of the products that are today on the market, also and above all in our Tuscany, where for some time we have overcome the ancient taboo that associates rosé to a cheap product.

And so, to seal their union, Emanuela Tamburini e Michele Jermann they decided to launch their TJ (Tamburini Jerman) on the market, a rosé precisely, which was born from the meeting of two lands: Emanuela's Tuscany of reds, and Michele's Friuli.

The presentation took place at the Trattoria da Burde in Florence, where the chef Paolo Gori has prepared a menu dedicated to pairing with this rosé, with dishes that perhaps in our imagination we would never have thought of accompanying.

And instead this TJ, thanks also to its good acidity and a savory and refreshing sip, also responded well to unusual combinations such as Lampredotto Inzimino rather than the Penne with Chianina Ragù blank.


"In our work there is also a strong component of fun" - says Emanuela - "in recent years in my company we have carried out many really important research and experimentation projects, and it is also thanks to Michele's arrival that today we have succeeded to put them into production, I consider it a way to express the great potential of our territory. "

“Our rosé has a screw cap Stelvin that I brought to Tuscany from my experience with my family in Friuli ”- he says Michele - "it has a membrane that allows you to hermetically seal the bottle and keep the wine perfectly isolated from the external environment, trapping a small amount of air in the neck of the bottle."


Agricola Tmburini


TJ is a Sangiovese rosé, which is cold macerated overnight, then fermented at a controlled temperature of about 16 ° in steel, bottled in Spring. In his Borgognotta, with a sober and nice label, the TJ Tamburini rosé has a cherry pink color, the nose is rich in red fruit such as cherry and raspberry, but also notes of lavender and citrus. Sapid on the palate and with a good structure, hints of wild strawberries are appreciated at the end of the sip.


It can be paired well with many dishes of our Tuscan tradition, with antipasti of cured meats and medium-aged cheeses. My advice is to try this rosé with a good plate of Spaghetti alle Briciole.


79 / 84⭐
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