Escape from fashions, clichés and mass production is perhaps the most appropriate way for a small farm that today decides to enter the difficult and varied world of wine, especially in Tuscany. Yes, because the choice (clear and decisive) made a few years ago by Piero Masi, oenologist and owner together with the family of the farm They fill in Barberino Tavarnelle, today it begins to give its results: modern wines, and pleasant to drink.

"Every land needs its grape quality" - Piero tells me - "I have chosen to combine our Sangiovese with both Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon but also Cabernet Franc to produce wines that can give satisfaction over time."

Piero's imprint in his wines is certainly that of the Bordeaux type, strongly convinced of his choice which has also matured thanks to the vast experience in the oenological field that over the years has led him to carry out activities in the oenological field also at an international level. Among his activities also that linked to the development of a cloning selection of French vines for a prestigious winery.

“Our work starts from the vineyard, we leave nothing to chance” - he tells me Giovanni Masi, oenologist and son of Piero - “we work hard to maintain a balance on the plant, with late harvests in order to reach the full development of the aromas and the right polymerization of the tannins. Our standard for each plant is to produce yields of less than 1kg, small and sparse bunches, low yields thanks to the use of the spurred cordon with 3 spurs. In September we will then leave 1 bunch per vine at the time of the green selection. "

Countercurrent also in the cellar, yes, because here in Colmano the Barriques are proudly used, obviously in French oak, which wisely used, restore the silkiness of Colmano wines that is always difficult to find here in Tuscany.

In Colmano, together with the wine, excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also produced, with excellent vegetable scents, with delicate characteristics and an elegant packaging.


Matched 2019

Sangiovese and Merlot, aged for 12 months in second and third passage barriques, intense ruby ​​color with purple reflections, ripe pulp, wild blackberry, notes of juniper and balsamic nuances on the nose. Typical Chianti sip and clean, tannins still to be refined, medium persistence.

Cevolis 2019

Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, intense ruby ​​color with purple reflections, rich and intense nose of plum, violet and pleasant balsamic notes. Sip that enters fresh and then leaves room for silkiness and sweetness, closes with hints of chocolate and coffee.

Vin Santo 2000

Malvasia and Trebbiano, amber in color with golden reflections, on the nose hints of caramel, apricot, fruit in alcohol, chestnut honey and pleasant hints of smoked wood. Medium sweet palate with good concentration, it closes with flavors of bitter almond and raisins.