Another good vintage, we can even venture to say excellent, even if it will depend on the climatic trend of the next 40 days, with a production lower than 10% compared to last year. The harvest it has already begun for some early varieties and the first signs are positive. “The temperature and the rains were regular and favored the good ripening of the grapes. We did not find any physiological stress, I would say that the premises are more than positive ”, he explains Francesco Colpizzi, president of the Vitivinicola Federation of Confagricoltura Toscana.

Francesco Colpizzi, president of the Confagricoltura Vitivinicola Federation

If in the vineyards the situation goes on with optimism, the economic situation of the companies is instead worrying. “The main problem is the liquidity of the companies - explains Colpizzi - In the Cura Italia decree there is a form of financing that guarantees the wines in the cellar. The instrument finally seemed lean and intelligent, but it is anger that the ministerial offices have not issued the implementing decrees after months, making the measure useless. A joke that is damaging many companies ". To suffer the blows of the lockdown are above all the businesses that do not work with large retailers, but with restaurants and clubs that have zeroed sales in the periods from March to May and that are still in difficulty in the cities of art. However, since June there have been signs of recovery, with sales increases close to 30% which do not compensate for the losses suffered, but give positive hope. “But it is a particular year, whose performance can only be assessed at the end given the climate of uncertainty. Certainly - adds Colpizzi - the US decision not to introduce duties for Italian wines has been more than positive, considering that Tuscany exports about 30% of its wines to the United States "

What never changes is the damage from ungulates. “We are no longer talking about an emergency, but about structural damage that farmers have to deal with every year. There is a lack of political will to solve the problem and this guilty void costs up to a tenth of production every year. It is necessary to intervene, we no longer know how to tell the regional administration "