After i Three 2020 Glasses the prize also arrives at the Lamole Chianti Classico 2017 of the I Fabbri company Three 2021 Glasses for the Lamole Chianti Classico 2018, in both cases a 100% Sangiovese, but the 2021 award reaffirms a key concept: history, tradition and experience do not fail to bear excellent results. It is no small recognition that of the Tre Bicchieri, awarded by Gambero Rosso Italian Wines Guide to those wines that during the tasting have totaled a minimum score of 91 out of 100. It is therefore no coincidence that, when you answer me, at the end of a busy day, Susanna Grassi, owner of the I Fabbri company, enthusiastically declares:

"I am very happy because it is a recognition of our work that allows us to light a small 'lighthouse' on the Blacksmiths and confirms that we are on the right path, that is the one we have always proposed: making wines that we like, in which we believe and which evidently - we now have further proof - meet the appreciation of others. "

The history of the company The Smiths it is important, it is characterized by a tradition that continues over time, from generation to generation - it must be said! - and that even dates back to the seventeenth century, when Tuscany must have been very different from now, but the quality of the wine is as good as it is today.


“Our company - he says Susanna Grassi - is based in Casole, a hamlet of Greve in Chianti, where my family also comes from. There was the blacksmith's workshop which was our second activity, in addition of course to the agricultural one. We are talking about 1620 and from that period my family has carried out both activities, then ceasing that of blacksmiths in the mid-nineteenth century and continuing the agricultural and wine production until today.

My grandfather and my father had another job (my grandfather was a bank manager, my father was an engineer who always did research), so the company, while remaining in the family, was not focused on making bottled wine and marketing wines produced. Then, in the mid-seventies, my father was transferred abroad for work reasons and was therefore forced to rent the company, all the land. "

Then, however, something changed: Susanna felt the need to return to the family business, the one that had always remained standing, but which it was now appropriate to take care of in person: "I took over the reins of the company in 2000, almost thirty years later, to restore dignity to this place that had lost it due to our long absence. For me it was a big change: as I often say, 'I left my comfortable desk', since I worked for almost fifteen years in the textile sector, and I threw myself into this adventure with great enthusiasm, abandoning my previous one. life. It was 2000, and it seemed like a good year to change and start something new. "

The prize of the Three glasses it is therefore a recognition of great value: it celebrates the work that history and tradition have cultivated with skill and dedication for centuries, it rewards a courageous lifestyle choice and the strength of mind with which over time it has kept faith in values ​​that are often forgotten today such as family, union, the desire to excel:

“I represent the eleventh generation and I am the first woman to take care of the company: let's say that, when I started, I had three clear ideas in mind that accompanied me and that still accompany me today. The first is to produce bottled wine, the second is to produce quality wine, the third is to produce bottled wine with our brand, The Smiths.

It was an experience that enriched me and therefore made me very happy: all this was possible thanks to the help of my 'team' and of course my family who have always supported me. I am happy to have restored dignity to this place and I hope that it has been possible to express and bring out a piece of this beautiful territory that we have and make it appreciated in a bottle of ours. Amount even to those who are further away. "