Despite the period of severe crisis caused by Covid, the Tuscan wineries have decided to continue investing, but the funds made available by the Tuscany Region are not sufficient. The companies asked about 24 million in grants for the restructuring of vineyards for the applications made in 2020, but the resources allocated to reimburse 50% of the expenses stop at 10 million.

“14 million are missing - he comments Marco Alessandro Bani, Director of Chianti Wine Consortium - the companies are betting on the restructuring of the vineyards to improve the quality of the final product, but the Region must guarantee the liquidity necessary to cover all investments ”.

And the one relating to the restructuring of vineyards is not the only call to which the companies have responded with enthusiasm. “To finance the investment measure in cellars and equipment, 500 applications were presented - he adds Marco Alessandro Bani - for a request of around 20 million euros against a budget from the Tuscany Region of 6 million. Also in this case, the strong desire of companies to invest has clashed with the harsh reality, that is the limited resources. We appreciate the good intentions of the Region, but these must be followed by concrete facts: liquidity for all and greater support for investments by wineries which represent a driving sector for Tuscany and for the entire country ”.

“It would be appropriate - he concludes Bani - that the resources not spent by the other regions were redistributed by the Ministry in favor of the more virtuous and quicker spending regions. In this delicate phase, we expect the interim minister Giuseppe Conte to intervene decisively, helping those who today lay concrete foundations for the relaunch of our country's economy. "