The OCM Vino Promotion call is ready, promoted by the Tuscany Region, to launch and carry on the 2020/2021 wine campaign on markets outside the European Union. An important measure in a very delicate moment for the Tuscan wine sector.

A sector, that of quality wine, which has already had and fears further negative repercussions due to the partial closure of Italian catering imposed by the new Dpcm and the general difficulties encountered, due to a pandemic, throughout the HoReCa channel - the main market outlet for quality wines - at national, European and international level.

It is thirteen and a half million euros destined for the promotion of Tuscan wine on international markets, with 2,5 million more than in 2019, a fundamental resource for the region's wineries.

"We wanted to give an important injection of resources and trust to the Tuscan Wine System - said the vice president and councilor for agriculture Stefania Saccardi - In a moment of great difficulty due to the health emergency we want to support one of the driving factors of the agri-food sector such as the Tuscan wine sector, strong in the value of the bottled ex-fabrica of around one billion euros, and this is done by giving a strong and clear answer. This is why we welcomed the increase in the percentage of the Community contribution granted by the European Commission, bringing the maximum contribution for the costs incurred to carry out each project from 50 to 60% and, at the same time, we increased the budget compared to 2019, adding another 2,5 million euros for the financing of this measure for the 2020 campaign ”.

The measure can be accessed by professional organizations, wine producer organizations and their associations, interbranch organizations, protection consortia, wine producers, that is, single or associated companies that have obtained the products to be promoted by the transformation of products upstream of the wine, own or purchased and / or that market wine of their own production or of companies associated or controlled with them, public entities, temporary business and purpose associations, constituted or established, associations, federations and cooperatives and, finally, business networks.

"We applaud the decision-making speed and solicitude of the new Agriculture Councilor, Stefania Saccardi." declares John Manetti, President of the Chianti Classico Wine Consortium ”. "The CMO Wine Promotion measures, like the other sources of financing that are and will be available to our winegrowers, are very useful in this moment of great uncertainty."

Il Consortium of Chianti Classico wine, with its over 500 member companies, has always benefited from this important funding channel for the enhancement of its name. The basin of international markets is in fact fundamental for Gallo Nero wines, which are exported at 78%: over one in three bottles is sold between the United States and Canada.

In the OCM call, the actions to be implemented in one or more countries or markets include: public actions, promotion and advertising. Another novelty envisaged by the national legislation and implemented with this provision, consists in the possibility of including, among the eligible actions, also the realization of sub-actions that can exclusively concern communication and promotion activities carried out through the internet or digital-marketing network. , until today not allowed.

Another important opportunity for the Black Rooster Consortium which, starting from the months of the lockdown, was activated by proposing various innovative initiatives, to continue to communicate and promote Chianti Classico wines also on digital platforms: remember “The largest catalog of Gallo Nero wines online”, Participation in the first Hopwine virtual wine fair, mini-videos on Facebook, initiatives in support of catering and many digital masterclasses and Instagram takeovers with the precious collaboration of the ambassadors of the denomination.