It was 2017 when the law defining the wine tourism discipline was passed. Three years later, with the Budget Law 2020, oleotourism also has its own precise definition which equates it to the world of wine. An important regulation for the whole sector, not only because it offers olive producers the opportunity to enjoy the same incentives as their colleagues in the wine sector, but above all because it places the oil universe at the center of a stage, that of the food and wine tourism, which for years has been a fundamental asset for Made in Italy.

A historical result that owes a lot to the incessant work of Senator Dario Stefàno (Pd) who has always been very attentive to issues related to the agro-food sector of our country.
"I had made a commitment with the Italian olive producers - explained the Senator from Salento during the meeting with the press that was held in the room dedicated to the Fallen of Nassyria - when in December 2017 we had approved with the Budget Law the amendment establishing wine tourism. It was therefore my duty, in this term, to be able to complete this project that recognizes value in a production segment, that of EVO, which boasts a form of attractiveness that grows year by year. Now the last step is missing because, as required by the law itself, the implementing decree must be approved within three months of its entry into force. I will continue to work to positively complete the path ".

And in this phase, as in the whole operation, a decisive role is that covered by the National Association of Oil Cities, a reality that thanks to its capillary network is able to guarantee an operation capable of leading to the achievement of objectives set.


“It is a great opportunity for all the players in the supply chain - underlined Michele Sonnessa, President of the Association - and obviously we are extremely grateful to Senator Stefàno for all he has done and continues to do for the sector. It is clear that, as far as we are concerned, we will use all our resources to obtain the maximum possible result that passes through the promotion of the thousand territories that characterize the olive production of our country. We will do this by respecting high quality standards, training the players in the sector, defining a national strategy, respecting sustainability. And with the plus set up by a national observatory that will periodically provide all the data necessary to improve this path ".

Obviously, a path that also provides a synergy with the world of wine in order to guarantee an attractive package for the millions of tourists who see Italy as the ideal destination for routes characterized by taste and the discovery of quality products .

“That between oil and tourism is a link that must be strengthened and enhanced - said Roberta Garibaldi, President of the Italian Food and Wine Tourism Association - and certainly this law represents an enormous possibility of growth. This is why we are working constructively and synergistically on ever wider and more engaging proposals that take into account the wishes expressed over the years by the users of these initiatives. The data in our possession speak of a very strong interest in extra virgin olive oil, now it is up to us to build packages and situations with strong appeal and communicated in a decisive and impactful way ".

During the meeting, the testimonies of those who have been working for some time on the promotion and culture of extra virgin olive oil are also important.

“For Puglia, oil has long been an extraordinary element of attraction - said Donato Taurino, President of the Puglia Olive Oil Tourism Movement - It is no coincidence that our region is a leader in Italy in terms of quantity and continuously growing on the quality side. And it has over 900 mills that make up a true road map for enthusiasts. Welcome to this law that also regulates the system from a legal and fiscal point of view ".

"An expected and important law, a basic starting point for tourism that will have two solid pillars in wine and extra virgin olive oil - concluded Sebastiano de Corato, National Vice President of the Wine Tourism Movement and head of the Oil Project - two products that, together to the other excellences of the Italian agri-food basket, they can really constitute a great growth factor for the many wonderful territories of our country ".