The restaurant world has suffered a severe blow from the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus forcing the restaurateurs to a drastic change in activity. Delivery and take away were the first forms of reaction to this dramatic situation, but even the reopening on 18 May did not simplify things.

The premises had to deal with the new rules, from social distancing at the table, to hygiene rules, to the use of masks that caused a necessary reorganization of its business which also entailed cost and personnel sacrifices. Today is a situation that leaves no room for improvisation which could add further problems to restaurateurs who are already perhaps with some of the staff in layoffs, if not laid off, and having to deal with the necessary adaptation to current regulations and with the combination of the local activity with that of delivery and take away, often organized through social networks.

It was born to organize the work of those working in this sector efficiently and productively Italy to Home, a project realized thanks to the joint venture of three Prato companies -, Sirio Human Resources e D-Side Studio - with the aim of putting its professionalism at the service of restaurateurs and shops of gastronomic excellence to support but above all to remodel its business by expanding its offer: from table reservations, to home catering, from take away and delivery to the service of home shopping but also for correct communication. The project is also in partnership with web radio White Radio thanks to which the members can participate in the transmission "The Boss of the Radio".


"We know there are other ways to order dishes or grocery shopping and have it delivered to your home - Explains Paolo Vannini, Founder of - but by joining the project all the activities that can be used by customers are on a single platform, thus simplifying the choice, while restaurateurs and shopkeepers will receive orders or reservations in a more organized way thus facilitating the work for all staff. Furthermore, unlike other systems, there are no additional commissions, indeed the costs are reduced because they are divided among all those who are part of it. Not to mention that with Italy to Home you can book tables in the restaurant and know where to taste or buy Tuscan gastronomic excellence".

This project, which the creators define Work in progress, is addressed to excellent places, be they restaurants, trattorias, pizzerias or delicatessens. There are already three provinces involved - Prato, Florence and Pistoia - in which several places have already joined, such as the Trattoria Da Burde in Florence, the restaurant Antichi Sapori and gastronomy Flavors of Tuscany in Prato, the restaurant The Circus of the Moon in Vernio, and the pizzeria Yeast shop in Pistoia, and others will do it shortly, but the goal is to cover all of Tuscany within the year.

Thanks to the use of one common digital platform ( it is easy for the consumer to reach the premises and the "shops" to book a table or order by consulting the various menus (divided for now in the three provinces of Florence, Prato and Pistoia) and the dishes of Tuscan gastronomic excellence. The professionals of the three Prato companies are available to offer one "cut to measure" service to the restaurateur according to his needs and organized according to current regulations.

A way to help those in the restaurant business enhance and make your business more flexible. Order management is also of great importance and, instead of going through the numerous social channels, it can be done directly on the platform Italy to Home thus avoiding confusion, mistakes or oversights.

If it is true that Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp can be used even at no additional cost, it is also true that juggling the various channels can cause some difficulty with the risk of losing a reservation or an order. With this platform, however, everything is managed in a simple way. Just one click from the customer and the restaurant will receive his reservation or order in an organized way.

Also important is the staff training which must be used for multiple functions: from table service to order management and delivery (both delivery and take away) in order to have a simple and efficient organization that satisfies the customer. The training also includes the correct use of social networks for effective communication in order to reach the largest number of users by informing them of the potential and convenience of the platform Italy to Home.

Then space to the Tuscan excellences enclosed in a dedicated area in which they are indicated in which places, be they restaurants, taverns or delicatessens can be tasted or purchased.

But the professional organization behind it Italy to Home is also working for the future. "It is also important to think about hypothetical future scenarios - concludes Paolo Vannini - We are thinking of a return to Covid-19, as the Istituto Superiore di Sanità does not exclude, if certain conditions are met. Our professionals are already thinking about a possible strategy to protect the activity of those who do and will be part of this project even if we are positive and we hope that it will not happen".