The Memorandum of Understanding in support of the Candidacy of the Cultural Landscape of Chianti Classico on the Unesco World Heritage List represents a highly anticipated, essential and essential moment in the path started by the Foundation for the Protection of the Chianti Classico Territory and which in the last year, despite all the limits dictated by the pandemic, has seen the intensification of the work under the scientific direction of Prof. Arch. Paola Falini and thanks to the participation of the Municipalities of the Territory involved and the Chianti Classico Wine Consortium. The result of this work will therefore soon be submitted to the evaluation of the Ministry of Culture which will be called upon to express itself.

"The involvement of the Tuscany Region, which yesterday took such an important resolution, together with the words of President Giani, constitutes a signal of strong recognition that confirms our determination to work in the direction we have taken, supported and supported by all the representatives of the highest institutions territorial. Together with the Mayors and the Region we will carry out a choral project in the belief that all the public and private actors of this unique territory can offer indispensable contributions and experience ”declares the President Tessa Capponi.

The Chianti Classico area is a treasure trove of cultural, economic and human values ​​and from today, thanks to this important agreement and the appreciated attention of the Tuscany Region, it will strengthen its cohesion aimed at their enhancement and protection.