There are restaurants, chefs and pizza makers, but also ice cream makers and oil shops. All united by the wise use of Evo oil: together with the best oils for catering, chosen on the basis of the sensory profile, cultivar and territory, this year the awards of AIRO - the International Oil Restaurants Association - involve regional oils and the protagonists of their use in the kitchen.

The event The Restaurants of the AIRO Oil is sponsored by the Municipality of Florence, by the Ass. naz. Città dell'Olio and the Tuscan IGP Oil Consortium. Hence, in an edition staged live on Facebook due to the restrictions due to the health emergency, the award for the best restaurant of the AIRO Oil 2021 went to Gaetano Trova di "Arnolfo" (Colle Val d'Elsa, SI ), while the best emerging was Emilio Banchero of "'L bunet" (Bergolo, CN) as well as Stefano Pinciaroli of "PS" (Cerreto Guidi, FI), with whom the Gambero Rosso Guide received year AIRO started a special partnership.

Best oil chef 2021 is Kotaro Noda from “Bistrot 64” (Rome), while the award for the emerging chef went to Lorenzo Can-toni from “Al Canalicchio” (Canalicchio, PG).


Chapter pizzas: best Pizzaiolo dell'Olio AIRO 2021 are Francesco and Salvatore Salvo of “Salvo Pizzaioli” (Naples), as well as Domenico Felice of “I give you a pizza” (Florence) as emerging.

The recognition as the best Oleoteca if Sapord'olio (Ro-ma) wins it, and I Frantoi as the best emerging one. Last but not least, the title of best ice cream maker for the use of extra virgin olive oil in ice cream parlors goes to Vetulio Bondi (Florence).

Beyond the characters, numerous prizes have been awarded to oil producers. The AIRO 2021 Selection includes "Oro di Rufolo Ogliarola" (Azienda Agr. Ortoplant), "Extremum taggiasca" (Paolo Cassini), "Tonda iblea" (Azienda Agr. Cinque colli), "Olio grullo BIO IGP Toscano" (La Gramigna di Renata Conti), "Cru Piscine MAU" (Az. Agr. Ione Zobbi), "Claterna Ghiacciola" (Palazzo di Varignana), the PGI "Toscano biologi-co" (Az. Agr. Reto di Montisoni), DOP "Umbria Colli Assisi-Spoleto Colleruita" (Azienda Agr. Viola) and BIO "Cenzino Coratina" (Az. Agr. Vincenzo Marvulli). Best Elegant, “L7 pitted casaliva” (Az. Agr. La-ghel 7), best Complex “Cima di mola” (Intini Oil), best Aromatic “S'ard semidana” (Agr. Dr. Franco Ledda). In the attached file, however, the list of regional prizes awarded.

Due to the restrictions imposed by Covid, this year the award ceremony of the AIRO 2021 “Ristoranti dell'Olio” award - sponsored by the Municipality of Florence - was staged in streaming on Facebook. For the president Filippo Falugiani it was also an opportunity to announce the collaboration with the Gambero Rosso Restaurant Guide, in which a specification has been added this year to indicate the AIRO member restaurants as "Oil Restaurants". “The collaboration - explains Falugiani - aims to sensitize the world of restaurant guides to the evaluation of oil for the assignment of points. Gambero Rosso has in fact recognized in AIRO the skills necessary to evaluate the presence, use and enhancement of high quality extra virgin olive oil in restaurants ”.

Best regional oils

Best Trentino olive oil 2021
L7 Pitted monocultivar Casaliva - Laghel Farm 7

Best Trentino DOP olive oil 2021
Garda DOP Trentino - Our Lady of Victories

Best Veneto olive oil 2021
Deorum - Pernigo Agricultural Company

Absolute best Liguria oil 2021
Extremum Monocultivar Taggiasca - Paolo Cassini

Absolute best Emilia Romagna oil 2021
Claterna Monocultivar Ghiacciola - Varignana Palace

Best Emilia Romagna DOP olive oil 2021
Brisighella PDO - Giorgia Agricultural Society

Best Tuscan IGP oil 2021
Organic Tuscan IGP - Reto di Montisoni Farm

Best Tuscan DOP olive oil 2021
Oil mill - Podere Grassi Agricultural Company

Best Tuscan olive oil 2021
Plenum - Poggiopiano Farm by Mauro Galardi

Best oil Marche absolute 2021
The Marchigiano IGP Marche - Frantoio L'Olinda - AFM

Best Marche IGP oil 2021
The Marchigiano IGP Marche - Frantoio L'Olinda - AFM

Best Umbria olive oil 2021
Emotion - Decimi Farm

Best Umbria DOP olive oil 2021
Colleruita DOP Umbria Colli Assisi-Spoleto - Azienda Agraria Viola srl

Absolute best Lazio oil 2021
Olivastro - Americo Quattrociocchi

Best Campania olive oil 2021
RaRo - Madonna dell'Olivo

Absolute best Abruzzo oil 2021
Coupage BIO - Azienda Agricola Marina Palusci

Best Puglia olive oil 2021
Cima di Mola - Intini Oil

Absolute best Basilicata oil 2021
Cenzino Coratina - Vincenzo Marvulli Farm

Best Sicilian olive oil 2021
DOP Valli Trapanesi - Az. Agr. Biological Titone

Best Sicily DOP olive oil 2021
First DOP Tonda Iblea - Frantoi Cutrera srl

Best Sicily IGP oil 2021
Cherubino Nocellara del Belice - Terraliva di Frontino Giuseppina

Best Sardinian olive oil 2021
S'ard semidana - Dr. Franco Ledda Agricultural Company

Best Sardinia DOP olive oil 2021
PDO Sardinia - Accademia Olearia Riserva