Vegan pesto you buy online

The term is Vegan un’italianizzazione English veganism, resulting from vegan, neologism invented in 1944 by Donald Watson.

Veganism is a philosophical movement based on a lifestyle based on the rejection of all forms of exploitation of animals (for food, clothing, entertainment and any other purpose)

Thanks also looking for some vegan customers, the company Le Tassinaie Castellina Marittima in Maremma developed the recipe for a fragrant pesto vegetarian suitable for vegan diets.

Besides the basil, very fragrant, leafy little, it was a much lower percentage of almonds, to make it more nutritious. You can ‘use on bread, on cereals, vegetables; but it is intended in particular to spaghetti, with the addition of oil and a little ‘cooking water.

  • Ingredients: almonds, basil, extra greenish olive oil, lemon juice, herbs, sea salt

[cml_media_alt id='3209']justbeautiful_pesto_vegetariano[/cml_media_alt]

The company’s goal is to produce the Tassinaie preserves – jams, sauces, pickled vegetables – that maintain the fragrance of freshly picked fruits and vegetables. The recipes have been carefully enhanced to capture and preserve the flavors of the garden, introducing a variety of spontaneous wild plants to those of our production.

Pesto Vegetarian is marketed on line by Toscana Delicacies

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