This is Picasso, photographs by David Douglas Duncan

In Lido di Camaiore, from May 30 to September 12, will for the first time shown to the public the contents of the “Picasso to Camaiore”, the photographer David Douglas Duncan, a friend of the painter Pablo Picasso, donated, along with an autographed picture which will be exhibited at Villa Ariston, in September last year to the City of Camaiore, entrusting the precious documents in the hands of the mayor, Alessandro Del Dotto. A gesture wanted by Duncan, today almost centenary (born 23 January 1916), to the deep bond with the town of Versilia where the first wife lived until his death. “This is Picasso: photographs by David Douglas Duncan“Is the title of the exhibition, set in the picturesque scenery of Villa Le Pianore, in Capezzano Pianore, which was sponsored by the Instituto Cervantes and will be open every day from 17 to 23.

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The exhibition, commissioned by the municipality and the Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lucca, is the wonderful opportunity to see the pictures, prints and contact sheets, as well as an autographed drawing by Pablo Picasso: all material contained in the folder and selected by the renowned American photojournalist between shots of the years of the intense association with the Spanish artist, considered one of the masters of painting of the twentieth century. Photographs, some of which, representing a single document and that tell the creative process as well as the everyday life of the Catalan artist. The exhibition is curated by Enrico Stefanelli, and the layout is designed by Alessandra Guidi.

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