They have to Expo, September 16 at 18:00 at the Slow Food Theater Cooks Alliance Tuscany with a project that reaffirms solidarity with shepherds, farmers and fishermen, to a food “good clean and fair” in the common purpose of support a deli in collaboration with manufacturers and with full respect of taste, the environment, animals, the workers of the sector.

The cooks Tuscan Alliance, about thirty scattered all over Tuscany, they are working for some time to an “ethical charter” of food to share with colleagues across Italy. A paper in which you spell out the principles of a cuisine that combines the taste for good food the respect for the environment, people, animals, as in the principles of the association.

In the meantime they adopted a common currency, a poster with information about the guidelines of the national project and regional available at the premises where they work and agreed on a seasonal dish, the “dish of the Alliance” to be shared on their menu. A plate designed not only to satisfy the palate but also to support small but important economies and regional systems of Slow Food used to achieve it.

Testaroli Pontremolesi and pecorino cheese from the mountains of Pistoia have been the protagonists of the first course of the Alliance presented by the chefs of the Alliance Tuscany. Two productions of the mountain they see the commitment of many young earthbound, united in a recipe that has been well received by the audience of eighteen restaurants that have joined.

The second course, what will characterize the autumn, from the equinox to the winter solstice will be unveiled just EXPO, on Friday 16 at the presentation of the project of the Alliance of the cooks.

We feel good!

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Who are the cooks Alliance

A network of chefs defends food biodiversity around the world. Over 400 chefs from taverns, restaurants, bistros, street kitchens – in Albania, Italy, the Netherlands, Morocco and Mexico – support small producers custodians of biodiversity, using every day in their kitchens’ productsPresidia, Dell ‘Ark of Tasteand vegetables, fruits, cheeses, locally produced. The cooks are requested to insert in the menu the names of the producers from whom they source, in order to give prominence and visibility to their work. The cooks Alliance travel, meet, participating in events, cooking together.

The cooks of the Alliance in Tuscany They are about 30 cooks who join the network by promoting a food that respects the right to pleasure and enhance small producers. Together they can do much to nutrition education of adults and children and to protect not only the culinary and sensory richness of local cuisines but also crafts, territories, knowledge, biodiversity.

What is piatto alliance
cooks Alliance of Tuscany have wondered many times how they could be more incisive in the planning of Slow Food. Today the cooks know they are a value for the association and can be much more useful: they have assumed responsibility and awareness and they thought a project “in service”. A common dish for all cooks Toscani Alliance, held constantly in the paper, which varies with the seasons and is decided together, in order to promote the Slow Food Presidia and products of Food Communities and representative of the Territory seasons of the year. “The Dish Alliance” lets you strengthen the bond of the group cooks with Presidia producers and food communities and Territory, activates a mode of purchase coordinated enable producers to organize and optimize their work, while the cooks reciprocate by becoming producers and promoters of the territory. A strengthening of the supply chain so that will generate important economic benefits for all.

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