Simultanea Florence, Michele Di Leo

Storica Fattoria Palagiaccio

The theme of the works is of great interest and concerns the role of religion and the relationship with the sacred in the globalized world.

As written by the curator Alvaro Spagnesi in the introduction to the exhibition, “The Art of Michele Di Leo is manifested in a peremptory manner and sudden as a storm that seems to leave no escape, a devastating tsunami of colors and material that blend and s’ aggregate incessantly in making and unmaking of the existing physical and metaphysical. His works – says the curator – are chromatically dominated by the four colors to symbolize metaphorically identified by the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and man presented, the latter, as the same Di Leo, “the form, material entity global spiritual “.
Spaces Art is a reality curatorial designed and operated to Florence from the historical and art critics Roberta Fiorini and Daniela Pronesti. Art 360 ° is the philosophy that combines duecuratrici.

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