Michele Campanella, concert for charity

The Friends of Operation Mato Grosso and the Association Don Bosco 3A (Onlus) in collaboration with the Municipality of Scandicci organize a charity concert for piano with the special participation of Maestro Michael Camapanella at the new auditorium of Scandicci Sunday, September 27, 2015 to 17 hours.

The aim of the event is to support the missions in Latin America of the voluntary movement of Operation Mato Grosso of Father Ugo De Censi, in Tuscany and especially Florence and surroundings.

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Father Ugo De Censi, Salesian, he left for Peru at age 52, after years of work with many young people and families who helped to animate the Operation Mato Grosso.

“Over the years lived in Italy,” the organizers say, “Father Ugo tried to bring out more and more the real tensions that animate the young people, which helped give the operation Mato Grosso a feature profoundly educational, as well as in concrete ‘commitment to the poor. “

Sierra Andean Peruvian, 3400 mt. in height, constructed and followed by the volunteers of the operation Mato Grosso, there are currently more than 100 missions that offer free services important, such as education (speakers, vocational schools for carpenters, sculptors, restorers, knitters and teachers), social ( drinking water, irrigation canals, roads, schools, power plants, agriculture and livestock), health (construction and management of hospitals and health clinics for the poor and nursing schools), child care (orphanages and shelters for abandoned children).

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During the evening – presented by journalist Elizabeth Mereu – will discuss the other two upcoming charity events always by volunteers OMG: Saturday, October 24 the opening of the exhibition ART AND CHARITY ‘furniture, sculptures, glass work at the Castle dell’Acciaiolo (the exhibition will be open for a month) and Sunday, October 25 the parade of garments and handicrafts.

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All events are sponsored by the Region of Tuscany, the Metropolitan Council of Florence, the City of Scandicci and the Consulate General of Peru.

For information: 055 / 7591458-9 338/9685130



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