Visits to the complex of the Walled

6 March 2016 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 Sunday Metropolitana The visits allow you to know the history of the complex of the Walled, to its foundation as a convent for nuns (walled) to its transformation into a prison in the nineteenth century until 1986, the year Mario Gozzini prison reform. The route winds through the complex space end in harsh prison, the most severe sentence area, within which is placed the installation Nuclei (viable) Valeria Muledda: a “cameo” of artisticache production today characterizes place.

The next visits to the complex for everyone from 10 years are scheduled Sunday, March 6 10:00, 11:00 and 12:00 hours and expected duration is approximately 1h.

Cost: free for information and reservations: Tel. 055-2768224 055-2768558


Saturday, March 12 16.00 Flying in to cardboard house Robert Pettena The carton as other materials for the packaging of industrial origin have the function of protecting the object; after avre perform its task, the packaging is trashed. The workshop will be an opportunity to recover materials from their temporary function and shape in a small town (industrial model), built and inhabited by children.

Participation is free, reservations required.
Info and reservations: tel. 055-2768224, 055-2768558


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