the territory of the Mugello for many seasons is renewed close cooperation that takes the form of a theater network, the result of intense activity report and reports that non-profit Foundation Tuscany Entertainment has come up with the administrations of Vicchio and Borgo San Lorenzo and the associations and the theatrical territory. The results of this joint work gave rise to new theatrical poster for the 2015-2016 season with titles at a regional capital.


Welcomes the culture councilor Cristina Becchi: “I’m satisfied with what we can offer to the people of Borgo San Lorenzo for the upcoming theater season on the one hand and the lyrical symphonic other.


A program which I can say with certainty, will meet fans and not the prose and theater.

The next season will be more geared to comedy, sometimes misunderstandings, sometimes simple, sometimes it is drawn from the classics of Italian literature as is the play by Luigi Pirandello, a season characterized by exceptional cast and pillars of the theater of our house . It ranges from Emilio Solfrizzi to Geppy Gleijeses, Alessandro Welcome to Sabina Guzzanti.


As usual will not just prose, but also music through Fortepiano Leonardo Brizzi and Claudio Cinelli, a concerto for piano combined with the puppet theater, and a straw hat of Florence, Sandro Querci who adapted the farce of Eugene Labiche and Marc-Michel made famous operatic adaptation of Nino Rota.


As it is done for some years now our proposals at the Teatro Giotto complement thanks to the lyrical symphonic season sponsored by the City and organized by the Cultural Camerata de ‘Bardi, Santa Cecilia Choral Society in 1909 and the Ants. Four events of absolute importance.


I thank Idea Theatre, the Academy of the Bold, the Foundation Tuscany Entertainment and everyone involved in the organization of the Opera and Symphony season for working with us in making this season of great importance. ”


The season opens Thursday, December 3 (21.15, as for all shows) with vaudeville for excellence, Sarto ladies Feydeau with the unstoppable Emilio Solfrizzi. Continue, Tuesday, December 15, with a grotesque text signed by Nobel literature Luigi Pirandello: Man, Beast and Virtue interpreted by the couple – on stage and in life – Geppy Gleijeses and Marianella Bargilli, together with Marco Messeri (actor Tuscan home in the Mugello). A show with a magical atmosphere is Fortepiano (Thursday, January 14), presented by two “poets” of the scene: Leonardo Brizzi (musician) and Claudio Cinelli (actor puppetry). So, still in January, Thursday 28, comes the comedy tinged with suspense by Alessandro Benvenuti, also wrote and directed. Who is on the scene makes use of the interpretation of the Pisan Paul Cioni (partners Welcome to the set of The Murders of Gleam with Filippo Timi) and Maria Vittoria Argenti. Mistaken identities and frenetic rhythms accompanied by many musical inserts are the ingredients of The straw hat of Florence, a perfect example of contemporary vaudeville in February, Tuesday 16. The dance, Thursday, March 3, is that of Opus Ballet Company which dips in the atmospheres of jealousy and possession of Othello; choreography by Arianna Benedetti. The trial, the Tuscan brand but also exported abroad, is to Underground Theatre that, with the complicity of the Latvian Valters SILIS, presents War Now! on a hypothetical third world war from which no one is excluded. Closes the season, Tuesday, April 5, the satire of Sabina Guzzanti (the largest) reflecting: How it came out: projections from the future; the intent is to deal with complex issues putting the audience in a position to enjoy and understand more.

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