Founded the online shop Tuscany Delicacies

Site young and simple design allows you to purchase creatively organic products from small farms of Tuscany., online platform for the purchase of food and cosmetic products of small producers from Tuscany, was founded in 2015 by a selection of local farmers who adopt organic farming and biodynamic. Most products have an organic certification and the only animal product is honey. You make purchases in a simple and rapid and there is the possibility of creating a pack gastronomic customized. Tuscany Delicacies also offers a selection of food packages already designed for evenings and special moments, such as “aperitif in the hills”, “relaxing evening” or “romantic surprise.” Each product comes with an accurate description in Italian and in English and in the pages of the producers are located all the information and a brief history of the farm. Strengths of the project are the simplicity and functionality of the online platform, with its beautiful photographs and minimal graphics, but above all the desire to spread the idea of ​​healthy and sustainable agriculture. The purpose is the sale of products from Tuscany in Italy and Europe, so that even small producers can be supported in their essential activities.

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❝ Behind the project is the immense love and deep respect for nature and for the life of our land, Tuscany, “says Viola Cateni, young founder of the project, undertaken with the help of family, friends and young employees. “We selected the producers who farm according to organic farming methods, they have chosen this path as the only solution for a sustainable cultivation in the future, for a better future because cleaner, healthier, more good. The aim is to enhance our region and support the true quality, that of the peasant and the small producer. It is the love for the land that allows them to transform the fruits and create unique products inspired by tradition. We believe in Tuscany as an exemplary model to follow, a land that always gives humanity incredible and incomparable knowledge and tastes, the result of an ancient and evolved tradition that spans from the kitchen to science, literature and the arts. Therefore, we support the small Tuscan production that has chosen organic or biodynamic farming methods, choosing products not necessarily certified, but guaranteed by our direct knowledge of reality. Our selection work has evolved so in direct cooperation with manufacturers and today enables people to places near and far to appreciate the delights of our beautiful land.

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