Canto from the greek “Kantos” the Florentines so called ‘the angle formed from the intersection of two roads, they were meeting places, where there were lodges of interest, shops and apothecaries frequented by citizens.

The Canto della Quarconia is located on the corner of Via de ‘Cerchi and via the Quarconia.
We are in 1600 and the artisan ippolito Francini friend of Granduca Ferdinando de’ Medici founded. L’ hospice or home of the Quarconia Monellini or Hospice of San Filippo Blacks was a charitable institution in Florence located in Via dei Cimatori.

It was founded in 1650 by Ippolito Francini, a craftsman optician friend of the Granduca Ferdinando de’ Medici II, as a shelter for homeless orphans: this is the first reformatory which information is received. The name comes from the Latin “quare quoniam” translated “and therefore because” adverb used in legal form to indicate the judgment of guilt and condemnation.

They were strict disciplinary measures that were taken against the boys of the house of Monellini or Hospice of San Filippo Blacks, Florentine charitable institution in Via dei Cimatori.
In 1766 the institute was decommissioned and the children moved to Via de Malcontenti

storiagrafia by Pierfrancesco Listri