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The wines of the heart, the first social guide [VIDEO]

Wine Talk with Olga Sofia Schiaffino, creator of the guide I vini del cuore, guests Clara Maria Iachini and Luca Grippo interviewed by Milko Chilleri

Four wines for 2022 [VIDEO]

Two sommeliers, a wine communication professional and a journalist present their four favorite wines that have been able to excite them

Four wines for the holiday menus [VIDEO]

2 sommeliers and 2 journalists propose 4 matching solutions for the menus of the Christmas holidays

Alberello vineyards, research that starts from the territory [VIDEO]

The Campotondo vineyards are located on the border between the valley of Monte Amiata, Pienza, Rocca d'Orcia and Bagno Vignoni, here an architecture of the vine with a low stem and with the grapes close to the earth is privileged so that they received the reverberation of heat, thus reaching sufficient maturation even at high altitude.

Wine, Tuscany is ready to start again [VIDEO]

Many topical issues addressed in this in-depth analysis with guests representatives of three territories of Tuscany: Chianti, Carmignano and La Rufina.

Terredora, Campania wine renaissance [VIDEO]

Among the major wineries in Southern Italy with about two hundred hectares, Terredora daily carries out its commitment in the vineyard and in the cellar following the most careful techniques and constantly seeking balance with the environment.


Montalcino, the rains make the vineyards breathe

A panacea rain, that fallen among the vineyards of Montalcino in recent days, which has contributed to significantly improve the conditions of the plants as well as the increase in the temperature range between day and night, with the average of the highs at 33 ° and the minimum at 18 °.

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Hit: the vineyards are fine, but new reservoirs are needed

The President of the Confagricoltura Vitivinicola Federation Francesco Colpizzi emphasizes the need for structural interventions in the Tuscan countryside, such as the construction of new reservoirs.

Wine TV

Wine and accessories, the latest trendsetting news [VIDEO]

The world of wine accessories is constantly evolving, together with Tommaso Bisori, a professional in the sector, we went to learn about the latest news dedicated to winelovers and professionals.