W the Made in Italy and W Taste [VIDEO]

The numbers of the show dedicated to the excellence of taste are growing, which is increasingly appreciated by international operators


It confirms itself as an appointment of excellence for food in Tuscany, Taste has arrived this year at its 14ma edition, 400 the super-selected companies that do research and innovation starting from a common value: our land.

A concept, that of the bond with the earth and the uniqueness of quality products, in which it also believes from Raffaello Napoleone, President of Pitti Immagine which reiterates: "The agri-food is of earth, whatever it is, even the liquid food industry speaks of the earth, as we always look for Italian uniqueness, we select them, we look for all the various products that in the food industry play an important role and therefore always more attentive to the soul of our country and to the uniqueness of our regions ”.

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From Taste 2019 we are going to discover a selection of excellence made in Toscany.

"We go out after a few years of indecision with a new package for dragées," he says Claudio Pistocchi, presenting the news of the company TortaPistocchi - packaged one by one, 50 grams, so a product that at the counter will have an acceptable cost. The pistachio flavor has already won thirteen international awards. "

This year Stefania Calugi presents its fine truffle-based products together with Cosimo Neri, Owner of Negroni lounge in Certaldo, who conceived two ready-to-drink cocktails and explains: “As a bartender, I could only support Stefania Calugi's products. I thought for her of a drink that this year turns into a Negroni, I kept to a classic recipe to which I added her honey with white truffle aroma. The other cocktail is international, Manhattan: we started with a rye whiskey that was sweetened by an extra jam of Stefania's truffle figs. "

A Taste 2019 Carlo Bolli, of the Historical Palagiaccio Farm, presents the Fior di Ricotta: "Our ricotta is made exclusively of milk, 100%, milk produced in Mugello, produced by the cows of our breeding, is a product that we make exclusively with cow's milk, therefore raw material."

Even the craft beer is the protagonist of Taste 2019, this salon of excellent products. "La Mancini is the workhorse of our brewery," he says Federico Caciagli of the Del Forte Brewery in Pietrasanta (Lucca) - This is a beer that goes well with all dishes, with white meats, pork, baked vegetables and some types of dry pastry. "

Oil could not be missing from the products that honor Tuscany. About this, Francesco Miari Fulcis, owner of Fattoria di Maiano, presents a truly prized product: "Laudemio is a private doc that was born in 87, immediately after the freezing of olive trees, consisting of a small group of farms that have re-established the quality of the oil bringing research, bringing innovation".

Serena Orlandi, owner of the Selve di Vallolmo, speaks of the peculiar characteristics of one of the company's flagship products: “The Casentino ham, a Slowfood presidium, has an intense red color, a good percentage of fat that melts in the mouth and therefore keeps those undergrowth scents, yes understands the way the animal is bred in the wild ".

Among the appointments the Ring Taste dedicated to the comparison on the most curious and hot topics related to food, such as the cigar-grappa combination.

Cristina Nonino, holder of the Grappa Nonino tells us the peculiarity of this union: "It is the most beautiful expression of Italian spirit in the world of spirits, the combination with the cigar is extraordinary, the Tuscan has this richness and the grappa helps to create freshness in the mouth. Then, when you continue with the paf, each time it is a re-emotionation for you again. "

This year's theme is bread, with the best Italian bread-making companies alongside small artisan realities of true excellence.

Among the confectionery products, the Barozzi cake from Vignola (Modena) stands out. About this historic dessert, Letizia Romani, from Pasticceria Gollini, says that "it is a cake invented by 1886 from my great-great-grandfather, the recipe is secret, it is a registered trademark, it is a dessert based on dark chocolate, bitter cocoa, almonds, peanuts and a note of coffee, without flour but with eggs, butter and sugar ".

Here the watchword is more and more e-commerce, a market that is constantly growing, but among these magnificent artisans of taste I discover someone who thinks differently.

Paolo Farabegoli of Romagna Terre, a company of exquisite cheeses matured with flowers and fragrant herbs, for example, explains its commercial philosophy: "We do not sell to the public, we do not sell online because we want to give respect and ground to those who have married our cause, because they must be explained cheeses, we do not have a simple product even if it is in taste, it can be eaten by a child of four and a ninety year old. because here you will never find spicy flavors ".

Then W the Made in Italy and W the Taste.

Enjoy Chianti

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