The harvest has just begun a The Rancole, near subbiano (Arezzo), where there are the vineyards and the winery of Poggio Tondo.

Lorenzo Massart, owner of the farm invites wine enthusiasts to participate in Experience the 2018 Harvest to see what happens in the vineyard and in the cellar in the days of the grape harvest.

“The harvest here in Poggio Tondo it's going pretty well. If we consider the 2017 the year horribilis for quantity and quality, this year I can not complain because at least the grapes are healthy. However, a reduction of the crop around 20% is expected compared to normal vintages but now, with the time running in zig zag ... there is nothing more normal! ".

"I wait for you because at least once in your life you have to see who is and how he works the one who produces the wine you drink, what he combines in the vineyard and in the cellar. In these days, for example, I force guests to drink, even with strength, all my wines, from Poggiotondo a The Rancole, from C 66 a Collefresco, including the last years just bottled. Who will come this year will also meet the new tractor driver, a young painter friendly but totally unknown to whom I wish, given what happens to painters when they become famous, to continue driving the tractors ... at least for another two hundred years! ".

As always in these days the best clubs in Casentino, Chenno, Valenzano Castle and Torre Santa Flora in Subbiano, La Vite a Soci, Tirabusciò in Bibbiena ... will apply special prices to those who have participated (actively) in VIVI THE 2018 HARVEST and they will still be sober when they sit down (alone) at the table.

Enotourists are expected from dawn to dusk on Monday 1 October, Tuesday 2 October and Wednesday 3 October, by reservation, by calling the 329.59.26.089 or writing to

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