They will depart from San Miniato (Pisa) to walk up to Siena: four stages, almost 90 kilometers on the official route of the Via Francigena, backpacker and attentive look, ready to grasp a contemporary idea of ​​a journey and tell it through the language of cinema.

I 4 young authors protagonists of the sixth edition of Visions In Motion are ready to go: from September 21th on the way, then up to 7 October in Val d'Elsa for the production phase, in what is a unique artistic residence of its kind, the only film school where lessons are measured in kilometers and not hours.

In fact, this is the tried and tested formula of Visions In Motion, the chairless cinema school dedicated to film authors under 35, coming from European countries and the Mediterranean area and selected through an international call. This sixth edition should have taken place in spring, but the health emergency forced it to stop: now, however, everything is ready for what is also meant to be an opportunity to look at the cinema in a different way.

«La Francigena - says, in fact, the coordinator Giuseppe Gori Savellini - it is the road that saw the birth of our project of a cinema school without chairs and this is why we like to return to it after the closing experience dictated by the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic. Among other things, I believe that the pandemic will also change the way of making cinema, favoring light crews and sets en plein air: a new and different way that we have always put into practice and transmitted to the young authors we have trained in each edition, together with the professional tutors of the many cinema professions ».

There are four selected protagonists (two of them work in pairs) who come from all over Italy and who promise to interpret their idea of ​​a journey in an original, creative, different way: Camilla Carè (27 years old), the Trentino duo made up of Francesca Monegaglia (24 years) e Lucrezia Stenico (23 years old), e Vito Manfreda (34 years).


Four days, 90 kilometers from San Miniato (Pisa) to Siena: we leave on Monday 21 September, backpacking. The young authors will walk together with the tutors on the official route of the Via Francigena for 4 stages (San Miniato-Gambassi Terme; Gambassi Terme-San Gimignano; San Gimignano-Monteriggioni; Monteriggioni-Siena). A fascinating path that winds through woods and vineyards, wading streams and climbs up the hills, lapping the slopes of Montemaggio, among medieval castles, thermal baths, Etruscan settlements and Romanesque churches.

Camilla Carè, 27 years old. He participates in ViM with the “Gioi” project, a composite documentary that aims to tell the social changes through the transformations of the landscape: no change is painless and leaves marks, often of incompleteness, on the territory.

Francesca Monegaglia (23 years old) and Lucrezia Stenico (24 years old). Francesca had already participated in the 2019 edition of ViM on the Francigena, while this time she is with Lucrezia for the "Tracce" project, an original work that lies between video art and the documentation of the performance: a body in motion, that of a dancer, in a landscape that comes alive.

Vito Manfreda, 34, is Lucan but Roman by adoption. He participates in ViM with the project «Letter to Werner Herzog», a creative documentary - sometimes false documentary - in which the director has only one purpose that he wants to draw from the path: to write a letter to Herzog and tell what he sees in his passage.

The tutors who - together with the curators of the project Giuseppe Gori Savellini e Giulio Kirchmayr - they will follow the young authors during the residency and will support them, then, in the production phase of their works they are all professionals, technicians and cinema experts. Their biographies are available on the website

Claudia Tosi - movie director
Beppe Leonetti - editor and author
Giovanni Pompili - manufacturer
Giuseppe Tedeschi - assistant director
Sarah Pennacchi - producer
Andrea Zambelli - director and director of photography
Simona Monticelli - location manager Campania Film Commission
Gianluca Novel - location manager Friuli-Venezia Giulia Film Commission
Daniel Mazza - photography director

"Visions in Motion"Is a project born in 2017, conceived and produced by the Culture Attive association and curated by Giuseppe Gori Savellini and Giulio Kirchmayr. This sixth edition is realized thanks to the support of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities - Directorate General for Cinema and SIAE as part of the "Per Chi Crea" program, with the participation of the Municipality of San Gimignano and the Municipality of San Miniato, with the patronage of the European Association of the Vie Francigene, in partnership with the associations Premio Mattador (Trieste) and Visionaria Fest (Siena) and the collaboration of the Trieste Film Festival - Alpe Adria Cinema and Doc / It - Italian Documentary Association.