A sequence of photos at 360 degrees realized by Fabio Casati gives us back the virtual vision of one Firenze asleep, or rather of the historical places that represent it, unreal yet extremely powerful. The high definition images of the photographer from Prato are indeed loaded with pathos despite the subjects filmed - squares, monuments, riversides, known views - appear, as if by a fairy-tale spell, emptied by citizens and tourists, enclosed in a wonderful timeless silence.

Il virtual tour created by Casati, Google certified photographer, allows us the privilege of traveling through the spaces of the deserted city in the sad days of the lockdown caused by the emergency Coronavirus, allows us to cross, bewitched and moved, places of beauty that perhaps we took too much for granted, distracted by the frenzy and the noisy background of our daily lives.

A special and unique opportunity to discover, or rediscover, a heritage of art and beauty thanks to a small technological jewel that allows total and realistic immersion in the city. A very simple vehicle to use where high definition images return details and outline the magic of the wide open spaces featuring monuments, churches, palaces and even stones. An emotional journey through Florence to be enjoyed in every detail that can start, or end, from the most famous observation point of the city panorama: Piazzale Michelangelo.


To access the tour you can connect to with any device (computer, tablet or smartphone). On the site you can also take a look at other works always made at 360 degrees.