Historic Palagiaccio Farm

Ribery, symptomatology of the arrival of a sample

Officials soon, maybe medical visits tomorrow

Fiorentina that suffering, but Vlahovic saves

The viola risk a sensational elimination in the Coppa Italia at the "Franchi" by Monza

Purple market, the opinion of professionals

Rossorubino interviewed four journalists about the current situation and the possible evolution of the purple market. Three questions and ...

Poker purple in the friendly with the Galatasaray

The first at the "Franks" of the new season, new ownership and team still not quite renewed is a friendly amarcord. The...

After Pradè, the confirmation of Montella

Mr Rocco Commisso designs the next Fiorentina

Medicei Under 18 Elite vice champions of Italy | [PHOTO]

In the Final the dream of Sorrentino's boys defeated by Petrarca fades

Fiorentina, Florence embraces its "self made man" [PHOTO]

Six thousand fans at the stadium to welcome the new owner of the viola team enthusiastically

Mr Rocco, the president among the fans

The new owner of Fiorentina in these hours in Florence

Mr Commisso, Welcome!

The fundamental node is Federico Chiesa

Della Valle, the days counted in Florence

The negotiation for the sale of Fiorentina has been formalized

The waiting match, with one ear at San Siro

Empoli falls in B and in Florence corporate developments are expected

Fiorentina, the Americans are arriving

Ready agreement between the Della Valle and Rocco Commisso, patron of Mediacom, for 150 million dollars, probably officialization ...

The match on two fields is another step towards the B

Fiorentina lost to Parma while Empoli beat Torino

Diego Della Valle's letter: future scenarios

So we start the final battle. On the day of the fiftieth anniversary of the second purple championship, from Diego's letter ...

Fiorentina, salvation postponed

Fiorentina lost the derby with Empoli. Montella: "Little tranquility"

Purple Strazio

Fiorentina never ceases to amaze, for the worse

Fiorentina, this story is over

With the elimination from the Italian Cup the season ends, but the next one?

Juve-Fiorentina in a minor tone. Thinking back to the past and next Thursday

We remember the great challenges of the past between the viola and the bianconeri

The empty curves as a result of Pioli's resignation

Fiorentina - Bologna, first act of the rift between fans and society

Stefano Pioli has resigned. In its place Montella

And so Stefano Pioli resigned. Brought to this by an unjust and ungenerous ACF Fiorentina press release - "La ...

Fiorentina, between the regret of the past and the contestation of the present

After the fifteenth draw two opportunities open for the purple fan

"Happy birthday, Antogno!" [VIDEO]

The 65 years of the most loved champion celebrated at the Isolotto club with Lazzerini

The return of Vittorio Cecchi Gori, between reason and feeling

The former president violates the "Franchi" for a documentary on his life

The unbearable purple melancholy

A mortifying defeat in Sardinia

Fiorentina, the draw that neither takes away nor adds

After the 1 at 1 with Lazio to the purple only the Italian Cup remains.

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