Vintage and liqueur, Ronchi Pichi is back

A very special wine, with an ancient flavor, that the brand "Sparla and Gerardi" wanted to revive from the 2016.

Historic Palagiaccio Farm

At the beginning of the twentieth century, "Armando Pichi", vintner and owner of a small distillery in the heart of Livorno, surprised everyone in the preparation of a new sweet dessert wine that included twenty-six infusions between fruits and herbs.

Over the years the brand "Ronchi", was bought by "Different cellars" di Piombino which changed the name of the wine into "Ronchi Pichi", in memory and in honor of the one who invented it. The brand belongs to the 2002 "Sparla and Gerardi" who wanted to strongly re-propose the "Ronchi Pichi", starting from 2016. "Alessandro Cicali", owner of the brand "Sparla and Gerardi", tells us something more about this characteristic wine.

Alessandro Cicali
Soap Workshop

"The peculiarity of this wine is the combination of food produced. It can be tasted as it was in the seventies, that is, pairing produced food, "Wares". Now we are raising it as a match "chocolate" and resists up to 70, 72% cocoa in purity. He adds, "the wine has sixteen degrees, but tasted fresh, has the goodness to appear less alcoholic". In conclusion, "Il "Ronchi Pichi", it is not a young wine, but always aged two, three years".


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