Orcia Doc wines decreed longevity, at work to get the highest quality

Orcia Doc wines can age for decades. To decree it is the internal tasting commission of the Consortium of Orcia Wine November 5 met at the company Sasso di Sole, to analyze and blindly taste two vintages of Orcia Doc, 2007 and 2015, with the aim of understanding the extent to which Orcia Doc wines can be long-lived . Roberto Terzuoli, President of the Commission, and the members of Carlo Pilenga, Barbara Magnani, Paolo Salviucci, Maurizio Saettini, Andrea Mazzoni, have examined numerous samples provided by the manufacturers, finding with great pleasure that for both years the average quality has been very high.

«The 2007 vintage - comments Roberto Terzuoli - despite being bottled for several years is still able to offer a lot. The commission found the presence of soft tannins and important acidity, synonymous with maturity and freshness. We were aware of the possibility of aging this vintage, and today we have had a confirmation for all the companies presented. While for the vintage 2015 the characterizing traits were the fruity and fragrant aromas found. On the palate my colleagues oenologists and I, we found a strong link to tradition but at the same time a remarkable evolution from the technical point of view. The wines were all very clean and balanced ». The Sangiovese was a great protagonist. Declared as an added value of Orcia Doc wines, the indigenous Sangiovese vine, in these lands naturally expresses power and elegance and is reflected in wines with a strong character.

The wines for tasting were Donatella Cinelli Colombini, Sasso di Sole, Poggio Grande, Marco Capitoni, Campotondo, Bagnaia, Valdorcia Terre Senesi, Tenuta Sanoner, Azienda Agricola Trequanda, La Canonica, Vegliena and Atrivm. "This is an important event to grow the name Orcia Doc - said the president of the Consortium, Donatella Cinelli Colombini - just in the week when the tasting of Orcia wines will be staged on the occasion of the white truffle market exhibition of the Crete Senesi , tasting reserved for Italian operators and press in the sector ».

A dynamic Consortium, that of Orcia Doc, which starts from the territory to promote the quality of its products. It is in this key that we should also read the incoming just made with some of the most important bloggers and influencers in the industry from the US that from 27 to 31 October visited the Val d'Orcia between cellars and territory. Also in this context is scheduled for Friday November 9, at the Castle of San Giovanni d'Asso, a day of promotion reserved for operators in the sector and tasters and journalists of the main publications and guides of the wine industry in Italy.

Doc's numbers Born in February of 2000, Orcia Doc collects twelve municipalities in the area of ​​production south of Siena (Buonconvento, Castiglione d'Orcia, Pienza, Radicofani, San Quirico d'Orcia, Trequanda, part of the territories of Abbadia San Salvatore, Chianciano Terme, Montalcino, San Casciano dei Bagni, Sarteano and Torrita di Siena).

The production disciplinary includes the "Orcia" type (red grapes with at least 60% of Sangiovese), the "Orcia Sangiovese" (with at least 90% of Sangiovese) both also with the mention Riserva based on a prolonged aging ( respectively 24 and 30 months between wooden barrel and bottle). White, rosé and Vin Santo are also part of the Doc.

To date 153 are the hectares of vineyards declared on a total potential of 400 hectares. The average annual production is around 240 thousand bottles made by about 60 cellars in the territory of which over 40 members of the Protection Consortium that from the 2014 has the task of supervision and promotion Erga Omnes against all producers of the designation. The Protection Consortium is responsible for promoting the denomination through various actions, from the web to signposting on the territory, passing through incoming journalists and buyers from all over the world. Local events are now referenced, including the Orcia Wine Festival.

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