In the beautiful Villa del Cigliano, in San Casciano Val di Pesa, the event took place "Craftsmen at Villa del Cigliano". About sixty artisan excellences of excellence from all over Italy exhibited their creations in the fascinating rooms of the villa, in the beautiful baroque garden and in the lemon house. A unique opportunity for quality shopping and visiting the family's ancient home Antinori, always linked to the production of fine wine Chianti Classico and heritage of Italian Historical Residences.

Soaps and perfumes, hand-painted jewelery and scarves, vintage clothing and accessories, paintings, lamps and fine linens have been proudly displayed for the two days of the event, delighting the public who were able to enjoy a moment of leisure and pure beauty . In the park in front of the villa, an area dedicated to wellness with shiatsu massages has been set up for guests.

“We are very keen to select original artisans, who take great care of their creations. It is an event that has been going on for six years, born almost as a joke to enhance this place. - he explains Mèsi Bartoli di Strange events and organizer of the event - Indeed, the event has always been very popular over the years. This is a particular edition, dedicated to Niccolò Montecchi, the son of the owner of the villa, creator of the exhibition, who unfortunately passed away this year. "


 “This villa has belonged to the Antinori family, my mother's family, since 1546. - he says Anna Maccaferri, owner of the residence - The building is historic, the facade dates back to the end of the 400th century, it is a pure Tuscan Renaissance, while the back and the garden are from the end of the 600th century, in Tuscan Baroque style ”.

Walking through the halls of the villa we meet the colorful stand of Soap Workshop, the young company from Prato that produces excellent products organic soaps but also organic products for body, hair and that recently has also launched one new line for facial care based on fermented products.

"To create our products we use only organic raw materials of the highest quality - explains the owner, Valentina Tocci - in addition to our bio-soap we also make a complete line for children certified organic and vegan. From the body and hair bath, cream and massage oil, natural soaps and then my favorite, solidified rice starch with organic calendula and chamomile extracts, vitamin E and chamomile flowers that spread in the bath water when you dissolves starch. An excellent product, also perfect for adults ".

Lucetta Lucarelli, artisan of OroColore of Pisa, shows us his colorful and very original lampshades. In practice it is a combination of unusual, artistic and contemporary fabrics with the classic shape of the traditional lampshade.

“I always make a selection of fabrics that interest me and then, based on the loom, I assemble them to measure. - specifies Lucetta - The fabrics I usually choose can be plain colored, or embellished with geometric decorations or decorated with various patterns. I also work with a fabric proposed by the customer, based on the size of the fabric that is brought to me, I decide how to mount it, they can be either lamp-based or suspension.

The colors of the stands enrich the splendid rooms of the historic villa with light and joy. Among the others, the big ones stand out scarf of the artisan Barbara Santi.

“For me it's a hobby but actually the results give me great satisfaction. - he says Barbara - I felted light fabrics like silk, cotton and micromodal. With soap and water, and a lot of patience, by dint of rubbing and banging I can get these soft and brightly colored fabrics. The lighter the fabrics the better the result I get ”.

In addition to jewelry and clothing of all kinds, the stand of Kreature of Bagno a Ripoli has the characteristic that in this case the protagonist is the paper. Notebooks, address books and photo albums in vintage style, handmade with the scrapbooking technique, composed of several layers, have various shapes and models, for all tastes. For the owners, Rosanna Campigli e Giovanna Proto it's really a passion.

“Ours is a work that comes from the love for paper. - he explains Rosanna - For our albums we use and assemble different recycled materials (jeans, fabric, lace, buttons, cardboard, paper from books and newspapers, etc.), our handcrafted products are real "stories" and can be customized as desired with photos, poems, songs, it depends on what is commissioned by the client. "

All the paintings of the painter Francesca Cardini di Prato impress us because they are executed on various supports with or without a frame. His subjects are frequently marine but we also find many other figurative and even informal themes.

“I have been doing this job for many years and for me the research of materials is very important. - specifies Francesca - I use acrylics and tempera and paint on wood and fabric, I even make t-shirts. It is a personal research, over the years it has been a constant evolution for me.

Many collateral events have accompanied the unfolding of the event: from a painting exhibition "Retrospettiva" by Rita Pedullà, to a parade in the beautiful inner courtyard.

During the initiative it was possible to buy bottles of Chianti Classico produced by the company Il Cigliano the proceeds of which were donated to charity at File Foundation, Italian Foundation of Lenitherapy. In addition, the event welcomed the Association as a special guest Voa Voa! Non-profit organization Amici di Sofia.The event was held with the sponsorship of the Municipality and with the support of Chianti Banca.