Sauro Cavallini, fifty years of works on show in Florence

Historic Palagiaccio Farm

In Strasbourg, in the Council of Europe Park, "Movement to Life"; in Genoa the "Monument to Christopher Columbus"; in Monte Carlo, in the Principality of Monaco, "Fraternity". The "Crucifixion" at the Cemetery of the Holy Doors and always in Florence the "Monument to Peace" at the Palazzo dei Congressi, the "Fountain of Motherhood" in Piazza Ferrucci, "Icaro" at Villa Favard. The works of Sauro Cavallini (1927-2016) they are visible outdoors, in the squares in Italy and abroad.

Born from a Florentine by adoption, the artist who portrayed Konrad Adenauer and donated the sketch of one of his works to Pope John Paul II, was a multifaceted artist and a great master, a pioneer, of public art.

The exhibition'Academy of the Arts of Drawing "Sauro Cavallini. Light and shadow", Edited by Domenico Viggiano, hosts about seventy of his works: about twenty drawings of the years' 60, works in iron and bronze and forty unpublished color paintings. In the space outside the Academy, in addition, under the portico, there are three monumental sculptures: the two Titans and Arabesque.

"A sculptor who always knew how to respect his convictions and abilities," he said Domenico Viggiano. "Cavallini's work will always be recognized as a work that is intense but fundamentally respectful of the soul, the ability, sensitivity and professionalism of this man who has been able to remain coherent".

"An honor having brought the works to this prestigious and historic exhibition hall, the world's oldest academy," he said Teo Cavallini the Centro Studi Sauro Cavallini. "We would like to make known what is the work that for fifty years has produced in silence and self-taught in the hills of Fiesole".

Also exhibited The Last Supper, a sketch of the only work that Cavallini could not bring to bronze and that Cristina Acidini, President of the Academy of the Arts of Drawing, defines "the highest symbol of the inventive power of Cavallini, and also unfinished heritage".

The mayors of Florence also took part in the inauguration Dario Nardella and of Fiesole Anna Ravoni, to seal the artist's bond with the city.

The hope is to find funding for the Last Supper (16 meters for 7,5 meters) and the right location for the work to finally see its audience.

The exhibition is organized by the Academy of the Arts of Design and by the Centro Studi Sauro Cavallini with the contribution of the Cassa di Risparmio Foundation of Florence, of the Financial Advisors Office of Florence of Banca Mediolanum and of the Regional Council of Tuscany. Sponsored by the Municipality of Florence, the Tuscany Region, the Metropolitan City, the Municipality of Fiesole and the Michelucci Foundation.

Info shows
Curated by Domenico Viggiano
from 5 to 30 October 2018 | Academy of Drawing Arts
Via Ricasoli n.68 (corner of Piazza San Marco), Florence
Tuesday to Saturday: 10-13 and 17-19 hours
Sunday: 10-13 hours
Monday closed
Free admission

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