My day trip in Val d'Orcialast week was a blessing after all the lockdown anxieties of the past few months. I enjoyed finding some normalcy again: it was beautiful, relaxing and very rewarding.

Of course, I tried to fill the day with breathtaking views, but also good food, sun, wind and of course excellent wine.

On the sun-kissed terrace of the historic home House of the Abbot Naldi-Lorenza, we tasted excellent red wines from Valdorcia Terre Senesi Winery and I promised myself to visit their cellars as soon as possible because they really make excellent wines.

A quick break for a Tuscan dish (pici, of course) in one of the small open-air restaurants found along the delightful main street of San Quirico d'Orcia, and then the vast expanses of greenery (so green!) Enjoyed by the car as we headed towards theAgriturismo Bagnaia, with its charming stone houses and its great red wines (one above all, their superb Miraggio Rosso).

Then I went to Campiglia d'Orcia, to end the day in the best possible way, where Apiccolisorsi e Campotondo winery they delighted us with some very interesting tastings and an incredible vineyard tour in the 'golden hour'.

What a beautiful day. Thanks Val d'Orcia, every time I visit it I feel regenerated and blessed.


Mask and spacing continue but what happiness to be back in the cellar with the glass in hand!