The splendid event perfectly organized by Renzo and Pina Vatti, was staged in the beautiful setting of the La Loggia restaurant in Florence, where the APT of Alpe Cimbra, Rovereto and Vallagarina, Valsugana and Trento Monte Bondone were able to present to the press, through their managers, all the tourist and cultural programs of the four areas of Trentino Alto Adige.


Set among its unmistakable mountains, Trento is a city with a thousand-year history and a unique charm, which has managed to preserve its ancient splendor over time. Rich in museums of excellence and cultural sites, Trento is an Alpine city of rare beauty where art and culture meet splendid landscapes and unspoiled nature. Among its first-rate museums we find the MUSE - Trento Science Museum designed by Renzo Piano, the Buonconsiglio Castle, the largest monumental complex in the region, the underground archaeological space of the Roman Tridentum, the Paleochristian basilica placed in the subsoil of the Cathedral of San Vigilio, Diocesan Museum of Tridentine, the avant-garde exhibition spaces of Civic Gallery of Trento - Mart, le Piedicastello Galleries where history and memory find space, the Gianni Caproni Air Force Museum and many others.

To be able to visit the museums and castles of Trentino in an even more advantageous way, it is possible to take advantage of the Museum Pass, a card that opens the doors to the main places of culture in the area, guaranteeing priority access and unlimited use of public transport in Trentino for 48 hours ( Those who choose to book a stay in a hotel or other accommodation facility, can take advantage of the Trentino Guest Card at no additional cost, a pass provided when booking the accommodation that allows access for free or at a discounted rate to the main museums. castles, parks and attractions in the area and to use public transport in Trentino for the duration of the holiday. (

The capital is also the ideal location for lovers of sport and outdoor activities. For those who want to spend a pleasant day in peace or with the family, do not miss a gentle ride on the cycle path along the Adige river between orchards, vineyards and beautiful mountains, or to discover Trento passing through the main museums and sites of the city in company of expert guides. THE amateur cyclists and bike professionals can instead experience the thrill of going through the great climbs of Trentino, such as the legendary Charly Gaul climb from Trento to Monte Bondone. The lovers of trekking and walking finally, they can count on over 50 kilometers of paths in the woods surrounding the city and urban trekking routes, following the traces of the history of the capital.

In addition to its artistic and naturalistic beauties, the territory of Trento and its surroundings is known for its rich food and wine tradition with excellent products at km0 and renowned wines such as TrentoDoc, Vino Nosiola, a native vine of the nearby Valle dei Laghi the Vino Santo Trentino DOC and many others.


  • ALPE CIMBRA: Eco - Friendly Holidays. A green and sustainable choice

It is from the love for the territory and the desire to preserve it that the desire of its operators, hoteliers, restaurateurs and farmers to make the eco-sustainable tourist proposal on Alpe Cimbra.

A desire to become model for the protection of nature and biodiversity in the Alps, supporting an organic and 0 km catering, to safeguard local productions and crops and promote a gentle, environmentally friendly and slow.

A holiday in the mountains fits perfectly with this concept of eco - friendly tourism: it is the opportunity to experience a environment where the rhythms slow down, giving us the increasingly rare opportunity to experience the surrounding environment and draw new energy from woods, streams and clean air, giving mind and body the opportunity to regenerate.

“For years we have been working together with our producers to promote the products of our territory, but today, finally, through this new project, we have managed to network all the components of the tourism and agri-food chain. In this sense, credit should be given to Slow Food and the Slow Food Community of the Cimbri Highlands for the aggregative role they play ”, says Daniela Vecchiato, director of the ApT Alpe Cimbra.


  • In Vallagarina let yourself be inspired

Rovereto and Vallagarina: gateway to Trentino, a land of passage outside the main tourist routes, beyond the Dolomite rocks and Lake Garda. Quiet rides along the Adige river, among wineries and castles, alpine lakes and flower-filled mountains to discover on foot or by mountain bike in the Parco del Monte Baldo, museums and great exhibitions in Rovereto, from Raphael to Botticelli. There is a full calendar of experiences scheduled from May to October to experience a regenerating holiday in Vallagarina, stimulating the five senses.

The initiatives, of the highest quality and strictly by reservation, are reserved for small groups and aimed at lovers of outdoor, culture and food and wine. Prices are limited with reductions for Trentino Guest Card holders.


Walk in deep contact with nature

Five paths through the woods and the water to experience a new way of experiencing the relationship with nature. Thanks to some practices of Nature Therapy associated with the sense of hearing, it will be possible to enter a real listening dimension and open up step by step to the wonders of the world around us, guided by an expert specialized in philosophical counseling.


Sweet wandering for herbs, plants and flowers

Five surprising itineraries in five location della Vallagarina, off the beaten track, in the company of an expert local guide. During the walk, the sense of smell will be stimulated, learning to recognize the plants and herbs that inhabit the Trentino woods. The experience ends at high altitude, where you can breathe the pure mountain air, with an aperitif or an outdoor picnic to taste the genuine and tasty cuisine of Trentino.


Connect with nature

A pleasant walk in five suggestive places of Vallagarina followed by a relaxing yoga session and an invigorating breakfast with a panoramic view of the valley and Lake Garda.


Sightings and soft atmospheres between light and shadow

A walk at sunset, entering woods that seem to become magical. You can see the lights of the cities from above, you can see the sky, meet wild animals.


  • Valsugana, certified destination for sustainable tourism

In Valsugana the love for the territory is handed down from father to son: a strong bond that translates into a constant commitment to the preservation and enhancement of an invaluable environmental and cultural heritage. The values ​​that distinguish this community have earned them a recognition of great prestige and international relevance: the certification for sustainable tourism according to the criteria of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, created to achieve the 17 sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations. A brand obtained thanks to the contribution of the entire community, which guarantees compliance with strict standards for all environmental, social and economic aspects concerning the management of a destination. A great source of pride, but at the same time a great responsibility, which motivates a constant improvement of the territory.


Bathing from May to September, the Levico and Caldonazzo lakes have obtained the important international recognition of the European Blue Flag for water quality and sustainable land management. Lake Caldonazzo, the most important lake entirely in Trentino, is a true natural gym for water sports such as sailing, canoeing, water skiing, stand up paddling and swimming. The Tenna pass separates it from the nearby Levico lake which, surrounded by greenery, resembles a Norwegian fjord. Both lakes offer free, tree-lined beaches and equipped bathing establishments; on the Caldonazzo lake there are also two bau beaches for dogs. Water is the main element of our valley: the precious arsenical-ferruginous waters of the Terme di Levico and Vetriolo, unique in Italy and rare in Europe, have an agreement with the National Health System. Some proposed treatments: baths, muds, inhalations and aerosols.

The Lagorai is the area where the wilderness in Trentino manifests itself in all its power: it hosts the WWF Oasis Valtrigona - the only one in the Alps - and is the largest mountain range with a length of 50 km. The highest peak is Cima d'Asta (2.847 m) and is located along the Alta Via del Granito, a 3-4 day trekking itinerary with overnight stay in a refuge. Numerous family walks and routes of varying length and difficulty are available throughout the territory. The evocative landscape includes mountain huts where cheese is still produced according to traditional methods (and where it is possible to adopt a cow!), Vestiges of the Great War such as forts and trenches and trekking proposals for lovers of silence and beauty at high altitude, such as the Lagorai Panorama starting from Passo Manghen.


The Valle dei Mòcheni, or Bersntol, is a small valley nestled between the mountains, surprising from many points of view. The always discreet and minimally invasive presence of man in this area has allowed the maintenance of an almost uncontaminated nature, with green woods that lap the villages under the imposing peaks of the Lagorai. The real peculiarity of this place, however, lies in its inhabitants: this is in fact a linguistic oasis where mocheni, a dialect of German origin imported by Germanic miners, has been spoken since the Middle Ages. The language is linked to innumerable traditions and uses that make the Val dei Mocheni unique in the Trentino landscape.


The Valsugana cycle path offers an 80 km route from Lake Caldonazzo in Trentino to Bassano del Grappa in Veneto, with a mainly flat itinerary suitable for the whole family. Along the route there are bicigrill (rest areas for cyclists) while an organized bike sharing system gives the possibility to collect the bicycle in one place, to then return it to another point along the route and return comfortably by train. Available to mountain bike lovers there are 300 km recorded with gps that offer tracks of varying difficulty in the Dolomiti Lagorai Bike circuit, while there are numerous itineraries for road bikes with exciting legendary climbs also covered by the Giro d'Italia. In the area it is also possible to rent e-bikes to try out various types of routes.


In short, that in Trentino can be considered a real complete and regenerating holiday, which perfectly combines relaxation and culture in full respect of nature.