It is an important national reality, of which the Professor Maria Luisa Brandi he will be President, who will have the role of following and highlighting the situation of fragility fractures in our country, thus allowing the development of studies and initiatives at a national and regional level born from the comparison with patients, health professionals and institutions .

"The data in our possession are worrying: there are an estimated 560.000 fractures in the population over XNUMX every year in Italy." - declares Maria Luisa Brandi, endocrinology specialist and director Donatello Boneclinic of Florence " - of these we treat pharmacologically a percentage ranging from 20 to 30%. Well: of these subjects under treatment, 50% suspend the therapy after 6 months. The clinician knows that anti-fracture drugs are able to prevent the second fracture in up to 70% of the population in question. Therefore, it is clear that with an estimated 25% increase in fragility fractures between now and 2030, the numbers speak for themselves ”.

Maria Luisa Brandi, has been at the forefront in the field of skeletal disease prevention and treatment for years, not only as a doctor and researcher of international standing, but also as a promoter, through his role as president of FIRMO Italian Foundation for Research on Bone Diseases, of an active awareness campaign, aimed at spreading, even outside the circle of scientists and the sick, the knowledge of these pathologies which are too little known yet widespread.


The observatory, presented a few days ago during a streaming conference, will activate its first projects as early as January 2021: assessment of the consequences of the covid.19 pandemic on patients with frailty and launch of surveys and studies in collaboration with citizens, clinicians and epidemiologists. At the presentation among others also the Deputy Minister of Health PierPaolo Sileri.

"Precisely in the days when the first data from the ISTAT permanent census confirm Italy as an increasingly older country, the attention towards the over-65s and their health needs must be increasingly high." - declares PierPaolo Sileri, Deputy Minister of Health - "among these, certainly the adequate prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, the timely diagnosis of bone fragility and the correct management, the promotion of adequate lifestyles for active aging. Therefore, having a privileged observation point at a territorial level - concluded the Deputy Minister - to highlight the real extent of the problem, to dialogue with patients and above all to bring out their health needs could be of support for the scientific and political world ".

During the presentation of the Observatory, the first projects that will be launched in 2021 and concerning the Definition a "regional epidemiological model" to evaluate the incidence of refractures of the femur in patients with femoral fractures over 65 years; there Evaluation the consequences of the COVID19 pandemic on mortality of patients with hip fractures (or other major fragility fractures) and refractures; the Analysis impact of the COVID.19 pandemic on the prevalence of use and adherence of anti-fracture drugs in cohorts of patients with primary fracture.