Saturday 20 March 2021 on Rotary Club San Casciano Chianti donated a defibrillator, an important life-saving device in the event of cardiac arrest, to the Misericordia di San Casciano.

Always attentive to the needs of its own territory, the RC San Casciano Chianti has decided to contribute to safeguarding the health of the community by purchasing a defibrillator to be installed at the Misericordia di San Casciano. A great gesture of generosity that once again underlines the Club's attention to the well-being of the community.

“For us this service represents an initiative full of meaning as having defibrillators available means being able to save lives. - explains the President of the Club Nicola Menditto - Unfortunately still today cardiac arrest is one of the main causes of death in the world and therefore having these life-saving devices on the territory is of fundamental importance ".

Nicola Menditto handed the defibrillator to Marco Poli, governor of Mercy, in the presence of the doctor of the Association and some volunteers, as well as some members of the RC including the Past President Leandro Galletti e Gianni Spulcioni, incoming president. The device was placed inside the structure, available to the whole country.

“Mercy was honored by this gift from the Rotary Club San Casciano Chianti - declares the governor Marco Poli - not only because the defibrillator is a tool that allows a timely resuscitation intervention, therefore crucial to avoid permanent damage to the person, but also because this gesture allows to give an integrated response to a project that the Misericordia and the municipal administration are carrying ahead on the territory and which is called 'Hearts in the Municipality', a project that involves the placement of 12 defibrillators on the territory with relative connection to the terminal. What unites us to the RC San Casciano Chianti is to give a voluntary service to the community, even if in different ways the purposes of the RC coincide with the inspiring values ​​of Mercy and the voluntary association "

"Despite the difficult period we are experiencing due to the pandemic, we do not stop because we always want to be a point of reference for the area, even in hard times like this - the president of RC San Casciano Chianti is keen to specify - In these months we are they were also active at an international level, supporting the Tuscan volunteer association Huruma Medical Team, which has long been committed to bringing medical and health assistance to the local population in the Kenyan villages ”.

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