Feeling close, keeping company with families and even more with children who are currently experiencing shocking social isolation, deprived of the company of friends, school and often the most cherished affections. This is the purpose of "A world in color“, The volume of photographic novels written by Chiara Narcisi and published by Seipersei, independent publishing house of photographic books active in Siena since 2011.

“The idea of ​​writing children's stories stems from the difficulty encountered in this moment of extraordinary emergency. - he tells me Chiara Narcisi - We realized that confrontation with our fellow men is indispensable, both as growth and as an outlet ”.

A book of photos made by Stephen Vines, founder of Seipersei and husband of Chiara, who portray moments of daily life lived by the author's family: her children, the dog, natural places, landscapes, rainbows and many animals encountered during the holidays or on any day.


“We introduced photography into the language and imagery of the little ones, looking for to stimulate the imagination through the vision of reality. - explains the author - My husband Stefano Vigni, in addition to being an academic professor, is an established professional photographer and, thanks to his archive built over time, we were able to draw on the photographs already in our possession and use them in “A world in color”.

The images were accompanied by stories and short stories written by Chiara, short stories, poetic reflections, sometimes in rhyme, which stimulate a creative reading in children.

“The stories were written by me only after Stefano submitted the photographs to me and they are sometimes the fruit of my imagination, sometimes memories of that exact image, sometimes anecdotes that I reported in a fictional form”, explains Chiara.

A volume that will be distributed nationally but which at the moment, until May 18, is possible to buy in presale on the site E-commerce of the Seipersei publishing house. For each copy sold, the publisher will donate 1 euro to the Association Together For Children ONLUS of Siena.

"In this first pre-sale phase we decided to help this ONLUS Association, moreover, given the objective economic difficulties that many Italians are going through, we thought we could give the opportunity to access 4 of the 13 stories contained in the book for free by accessing our site ".

Chiara and Stefano's book has the great virtue of involving the child, fascinating him and accompanying him on a path of knowledge in which to give free rein to his imagination without ever feeling alone. A truly precious gift for the little ones.

Seipersei was born in 2011 as an independent photography publishing house specializing in self publishing. Seipersei is a lateral visual thinking sighting laboratory engaged in the promotion of young Italian photographers. Seipersei especially deals with cultural, social and projects of a certain intimacy that are favored by national and international photographic criticism; it currently has over 30 titles in the catalog and has given voice to over 50 authors. Seipersei is distributed nationally on the Feltrinelli, Coop Libraries, Libraccio, Fastbook, Book Center and over 450 independent bookstores circuits.