It is an authentic journey into the world ofhamburger made in Tuscany - dish now considered an icon of street food - the volume "TuscanBurger"(Ed. Il Forchettiere, 250 pages) by Marco Gemelli e Lorenzo Gagliano.

There is the small hamburgeria in the village and the gourmet-inspired ones in the larger cities, there is the one run by women only and the one where you can taste the variations produced only with local raw materials. There is the zebra or ostrich burger, the one with kobe meat, up to the one kilo maxi-burger for the most hungry palates.

It's not just about one guide browsing i top 50 places to enjoy a quality burger, rather a project that wants to offer a 360 ° photograph of everything that revolves around "that microcosm separated by two slices of bread", in a story that oscillates among the buildings in the center of Florence in the less known corners of the region, holding firm to an inspiring principle, namely that in Tuscany even the burger can have its own nobility.


"The Grand Duchy - explain the authors - has everything it takes to express its own version of the hamburger that has nothing to envy to that of other territories: let's think of meat, from Chianina to other native cattle breeds, up to the Cinta Senese pig or wild boar. Or to the Tuscan Pecorino Dop and all its standard toppings, from onions from Certaldo al Lardo di Colonnata, up to manufacturers of truffles, vegetables e spices among the best ever internationally. Thanks to men and women who with their passion continue to keep the tradition alive, layer by layer a 'Tuscan way' of the burger is composed that tells one, ten, a thousand stories of excellence ".

With the preface written by Luisanna Messeri and with the support of Showcase Tuscany. - the Tuscany Region and Unioncamere project that promotes quality restaurants, shops and productions that express the identity of the territory and enhances the food and wine culture as a tourist attraction - in the pages of "TuscanBurger"There is no shortage of entrepreneurial stories of small and large Made in Tuscany companies of raw materials that make up the burger, as well as interviews with characters linked to this world, ideal combinations with wine, beer, bubbles and cocktails, curiosities about the most extravagant and so on.

A special space in the volume is also dedicated to restaurants who show particular attention to this dish, as well as to the "copyright pairing”, That is the gourmet interpretations of 30 of the most appreciated Tuscan chefs, starred and not.