Tuscany is betting on the restart of tourism, addressing travelers ready to move from the rest of Italy but also from abroad; and after the preview in 2020, in a period of substantial closure of the tourist markets, it will start in May. The first indicators already mark a restart of bookings on the short and medium range, from Italy and Europe, and it is precisely these areas in particular that we will address.

In fact, Tuscany is among the first, if not the first, region to move, after the Government has planned the start of the reopening with the Prime Minister's decree which enters into force today. After all, the Region, with its operational branches, had already been ready for months at the starting line.

“We worked for a long time to be ready - comments Leonardo Marras, Tourism Councilor of the Region -, and here we are with a well-structured strategy that will promote Tuscany in Italy and in Europe. The campaign is really important compared to what we have done in the past: we invest huge resources on social networks and networks, in newspapers, in large centers, in stations, on radio and TV and we will not limit ourselves to Italy, but we will aim for growing also to international markets ".

Seven travel themes are at the center of the campaign studied by the regional agency “Toscana Promozione Turistica in collaboration with the Fondazione Sistema Toscana. There is the beach holiday and the return to the villages and authentic flavors fleeing from the cities, there is the outdoor holiday to recharge in the midst of nature, the journey that becomes an opportunity to experience events and culture, the holiday in the a sign of relaxation and self-care, the discovery of cities of art but also longer stays in search of facilities where you can vacation (as it used to be, perhaps now in smart working). These are some of the trend lines at the moment but also the excellence and strengths of Tuscany to highlight and enhance. The campaign aims to reach the general public and will also have a special focus for the Millenials, or those born in the Eighties, and generation Z, very young, at most twenty-four today.

Rebirth and regeneration will be some of the leitmotifs. There will be billboards, advertisements and passages in newspapers, printed magazines and online media. There will be promos for the web and others for mainstream channels, videos alongside other activities that the Region will promote until 2022. A plan designed and implemented for the first time on the digital platform “Tuscany together, involving all the players in the sector.

"With 'Tuscany, renaissance without end' we present ourselves with those values ​​that we are all looking for today: environment, health, safety, regeneration - explains Councilor Marras - I am particularly satisfied because it is also the result of the work shared in the last year with the tourist areas and, therefore, with the territories. It is also made with reduced costs because it is almost entirely done 'in house', thanks to the professionalism of the two agencies Toscana Promozione Turistica and Fondazione Sistema Toscana. I particularly want to thank all those who have given their contribution ”.

The first part of the marketing campaign will still be mainly destined for local tourism (central and northern Italy), to then extend its range of action to Germany, France, United Kingdom, Holland and Switzerland and subsequently even beyond, up to the markets of long haul, also based on the health situation in the world and the movements of reservations. The campaign will focus in particular on May, June and September.

It focuses on the ability of Tuscany to surprise the traveler, to welcome him in its numerous and diversified tourist destinations by taking advantage of the many proposals on the portal, managed by Fondazione Sistema Toscana and showcase of all the offers of the operators who have joined the invitation and the occasion made available by the Region in recent months.

It will be an integrated communication strategy shared with local areas and businesses, based on a permanent digital communication infrastructure such as the one offered by And companies and tourism sectors, ie private and public, who need it, will be offered a ready-made 'promotion kit' in four languages.