It was the 1979 when the Association Trisomy 21 Onlus on the Florentine territory he began his activity to guarantee the respect and full rights of people with Down syndrome or similar intellectual intellectual disabilities. First in the headquarters in Via Faenza, then over the years the activity was transferred to Borgo Pinti and then to the current headquarters in Viale Volta.

Over the course of these forty years, an important job has been carried out both from the point of view of health-related qualifications aimed at achieving the maximum possible autonomy, and from the social point of view for a full inclusion, working on a network of factors that involve not only people with Down syndrome but also and above all society. The donations collected are intended to promote the social, emotional and working life of people with Down syndrome or intellectual genetic disability with the aim of achieving maximum independence, including housing. At the same time the funds are also earmarked for training and research.

To celebrate this important goal the Association Trisomy 21 Onlus has organized, under the patronage of Municipality of Florence, an event entitled We live in Florence which includes a gala dinner accompanied by a fashion show. The evening will be presented by the actress Gaia Nanni always close to the Association, and will take place in Salone dei Cinquecento in the Palazzo Vecchio il November 30 at 19.30.


"Florence chooses to host their so special birthday party in the Salone dei Cinquecento, the heart of the palace and of the city", says the councilor for Welfare Andrea Vannucci present at the presentation press conference - "It is always a very strong emotion to be able to host these guys here and hear their voices while they talk about their daily life and their work: one of them, to the question of what do you like most about her employment, he replied 'go ahead', a phrase that bears witness to a confidence, a spontaneity and a desire for the future that all young people should have. The Trisomy 21 association has been at 40 for years with these young people, providing them with support, services and above all opportunities. This is why Florence chooses to host their so special birthday party in the Salone dei Cinquecento, the heart of the palace and of the city, just as this reality is from 40 years in the heart of all Florentines ".

"It is an honor for me to celebrate the first forty years of Trisomy 21 which is, and has been, a reference point for many families, but above all for hundreds of people with Down syndrome who, thanks also to the constant support of the association, can now represent themselves and demonstrate that it is possible to occupy a place in this society sometimes too indifferent - he declares Antonella Falugiani - Even our young people represent the future of this Italy, and it is right to listen to them, listen to their needs and dreams, which are not special but are everyone's, and give it a voice. This is the responsibility of all citizens, regardless of their genetic condition. Change is underway, but we still have to fight hard for society to be fairer ".

The focal point of the evening will be the parade of clothes made by guys from the art workshop of the Association, PicEo, an important habilitative project that since 2008 has the purpose of inserting young people into the world of work. With their artifacts, in fact, the PicEo boys participate in some exhibitions such as, for example, Artigianato & Palazzo, with the aim of being able to "do business". The clothes that were made for the show are dedicated to the beauty of Florence. Walking around the center of the city, the PicEo boys discovered the lines, colors and geometric shapes of some Florentine monuments but also some symbols of Florence.

The most relevant geometries will be the marble ones of the floors and external walls of the Duomo and the Baptistery. Gold will be another important element also present in the backgrounds of the altarpiece. Color is another fundamental element. The Dutch artist Maurits Cornelis Escher wrote in his diaries that the lapis lazuli blue of the Tuscan sky had not seen him anywhere else. And then the green of the Serpentine marble of Prato, the white of Carrara marble, the red of the Siena marble trace all the facades of the most important Florentine churches. These colors, together with the blue, are found in the ancient banners of the historic districts of Florence which is nothing but an example of how many different shapes and colors create a harmonious whole.

The collection consists of hand-painted skirts with geometric patterns and dresses with designs printed on Florence interpreted by the PicEo boys. There will also be scarves, ties and accessories. For the little ones, a collection dedicated to them has been created, inspired by the animals that symbolize the city: the tortoise with the sail, symbol along with the motto Festina Lente by Cosimo I de 'Medici, the Florentine Marzocco lion and the bronze bees that are found at the base of the statue of Ferdinando I de 'Medici in piazza SS. Annunziata.

"With this initiative - he declares Antonella Falugiani - Trisomy 21, once again, tries to shake up a world closely linked to certain pre-established canons. In fact, he decided to have 40 wear non-professional models of clothes, because Beauty has endless facets. A judgment is never entirely subjective, but linked to the cultural context in which each of us is inserted ".

“I thank the Trisomy 21 Onlus Association that welcomed me into the family. The magic that made me say "I'm here" was taken to help, together with my staff, to celebrate the guys who made their projects on the fabric, creating beautiful clothes inspired by the beauty of Florence ", he comments Vivilla Zampini, Ceo Es'given, organizer of the fashion show.

The gala dinner menu was prepared by Milleluci Cafè, the bar restaurant located in Piazza Leopoldo near the Coop, managed by Trisomia 21srl, social enterprise where the guys who work on this occasion will also work in the Salone dei Cinquecento. "This is a necessary project for the path of growth and autonomy of people with intellectual disabilities - explains Antonella Falugiani - and which is useful for their social inclusion".

Both in the preparation of the menu and in the service the Milleluci Caffè boys will be assisted by the students of theBuontalenti Hotel Institute. "The involvement of a school is important for the inclusion project that concerns both the aspect of professional training but above all of relationship - continued Antonella Falugiani - and this is why we appreciated their availability, because the school is the first true aggregation moment of each person ".

"Our teachers are happy to work together with our students because we also try to pursue a path of social and professional inclusion. - he tells Rita Gaudio, support professor of the Istituto Alberghiero Buontalenti - Our students will work together with the boys of the Association for the realization of the menu and for the room service. I thank on behalf of the school manager Maria Francesca Cellai for having thought of us for the realization of this evening and the Trisomy 21 Onlus Association for the work she has done in these 40 years ".

The event will be presented by actress Gaia Nanni who has worked with the Association for many years.

“From 10 years the Trisomy Association 21 Onlus is the family that I have chosen. - comments Gaia Nanni - Trisomia did not do any assistance work but tried to include these young people in school, in the professional world, making them independent and trying to integrate them into society. I learned, if there was any need, that the desires of these boys are the same as everyone else: studying, graduating, finding a job, falling in love and getting married ”.

Special thanks also go to those who supported and support the activities of the Trisomy 21 Onlus Association: Amaranto, ArteEventi, IPSSEOAB Buontalenti, Carapelli, Dini Caffè, Dori Pubblicità, Cassa di Risparmio Foundation, Ermanno Scervino, Es'Given, Eva Capelli Sartoriali, Ferragamo, Fisar Florence, Frescobaldi, Gucci, King of Truffles, Lamole di Lamole, Lito Terrazzi, Butcher Luca Menoni, Menchetti, Mercafir, Milleluci Cafè, Mukki, Pav Art, Porsche, Prelude, Prinz, Rebel, Rolando Innocenti & Figli , Salumificio Anzuini, Schema31, SGP, Stilli Solution, Tecnoservice, Land of Burchi, Thermotechnics Picchiarini, Uashmama