We in Florence call it "alla Fiorentina" served with a generous sprinkling of cheese, but in reality Trippa, part of the bovine's stomach, is a food that has multiple uses in the kitchen, also accompanied by pasta.

So here is a publication created to celebrate the unexpressed potential of these delicious combinations, pasta and tripe in fact, a book to write which Romanelli has cooked, tested, tried, retried and drawn a lot also from his frequent visits with tripe makers, those who , in Florence but not only, they sell tripe on the street:

"They have such a cult that they let the family taste it, before offering it to customers on the counter, and I have found few, honestly, who had a pasta recipe: maybe they didn't know it, but some of their preparations turned out to be perfect for to flavor tagliatelle or penne, but the reflection came after tasting, not before… ”he specifies Leonardo Romanelli.


As always, the website is the corollary to this new publication Too much entirely dedicated to what is sympathetically referred to as the "fifth quarter" which aims to collect, integrate and present new material, ideas, news and unusual recipes as part of the publishing process, the pages of Troppa Trippa blog and virtual communities on Facebook and Instagram who want to passionately involve all those who do not blink in front of tripe, even if it is too much.

A part of the proceeds from the sale of this Notebook - in order to safeguard and promote the tripe tradition - is donated to microfinance of Kiva projects which have to do with the fifth quarter.

“Tripe & pasta - Recipes” by Leonardo Romanelli, Series I Quaderni di n. 11, ISBN-13: 978-1-7322669-1-9, Balloon, Seattle 2020, 60 pages, price 10 Euro. Available online at

The author

Leonardo Romanelli, a Florentine, over half a century old, has a job that is difficult to describe, since it contains so many: long ago decided to want to become the modern Anton Ego, a "Ratatouille" model food critic, has always been involved in wine too, with insane passion for the arts, which he cultivates with unbridled passion, from teaching to theater with musical and television incursions, without forgetting his passion for radio, which he will soon turn into podcast. Organizer of wide-ranging gastronomic events, such as food-themed pilgrimages or Session of cooks who are convinced to participate in unmissable events, he manages, almost never sleeping, to be a curious writer, chronicler of taste, playwright. He happily chose to spend his days at the table or in the cellar, an activity he turns with unheard of pleasure.