The chef's first recipe book Andrea Perini (ed. Il Forchettiere, 152 pages, 22 euros) A volume that, in addition to telling thirty dishes of the young Tuscan talent in combination with as many high quality Italian Evo oils, reviews the entire journey from the olive tree to the table. A series of experts - tasters, journalists, historians, doctors, technicians - analyzes the phenomenon of extra virgin olive oil from every possible angle, in every real facet. Of course the starting point is the dishes designer brands by the Tuscan chef, each of whom sees in the extra virgin olive oil a role, if not as an absolute protagonist, of engine of the plate itself.

Milko Chilleri and Andrea Perini

What does it mean to be an oil chef?

“Oil is an ingredient like others” - says Andrea - “it has characteristics, scents, aromas that change from region to region but also from cultivar to cultivar. My philosophy has always been to enhance the Extra Virgin, a product which too often is not given the right recognition. "

A book of 30 recipes combined with 30 different oils, but are they easy recipes?

"Yes, some can be easily repeated at home while some are a little more complex, but with the right means and tools it can be easily achieved."

Not only recipes in Andrea's book but also many insights with the leading experts in the sector at Italian level, a real journey into extra virgin olive oil to get to know and enhance it.

TrentaGocce then offers an in-depth study on the biodiversity of cultivars in Italy and tells about some of the most active consortia and associations in Italy. The result is a text dedicated to enthusiasts and technicians, which tries to add a small brick in the path of building a culture of Evo oil that also in our country still has important margins for development.

The book is available for purchase online at publisher site.