La Tuscany tip on traditional sweets to tell about the territory and its cultural identity. Desserts are very much linked to religious festivals with a strong identity value, they are a symbol of sharing and welcoming, of celebration and recurrence. They tell of traditions, family and generational stories, of identities and peculiarities. Every little village has its sweet, every recurrence has its "goodies", keeping track of them is the way to reclaim a memory that risks disappearing.

Tuscan showcaseThe project Region e Unioncamere Tuscany that promotes restaurants and shops that use local products has achieved 11 video about typical Tuscan sweets. "Trastulli Toscani", This is the title, which expresses the idea of ​​entertainment, a fun pastime. One way to spend time, pampering yourself, so much so that in Tuscany “trastullini”, were called the roasted and salted pumpkin seeds.

Each dessert is the emblem of a Tuscan city to which it is particularly linked by tradition and then there are the cantuccini, as a symbolic product, of the hospitality of this region. Florence: Schiacciata alla fiorentina, Prato: Le Pesche, Pistoia: the Brigidini, Pisa: the Torta con beaks, Arezzo: Il castagnaccio (Badino), Livorno: the Schiaccia Briaca on the Island of Elba, Siena: the Panforte, Lucca: the Buccellato, Massa Carrara: the Torta di Riso, Grosseto: the Sfratto of Pitigliano.


Not only that, Trastulli Toscani is also a contest which starts today to tell the story of Tuscany from its roots to the present day. Traditional desserts, grandmother's recipes, those handed down over the centuries, but also family versions, reinterpretations or new proposals, become the starting point for telling the stories and experiences of a region.

For this purpose the contest: "Trastulli Toscani" presented by Vetrina Toscana, a collection of ancient recipes so that they are not lost and a look at how these adapt to today's needs. Above all, a moment of story. Italian and foreign citizens, bloggers, journalists are asked to tell about their Tuscany, or a memory linked to this region, through the story of a cake. The contest will start on 17 April and the 17 July 2019 will end. For info and rules:

The text sent must tell an experience or a story related to the recipe sent. All texts and recipes positively evaluated will be published on THE best 50 texts selected will be awarded in a special event organized by the Tuscany Region. These same texts will be published through a free e-book downloadable from institutional websites.

Finally, always the desserts are the protagonists of: "dulcis in the first place“, An initiative promoted by the Tuscany Region, reserved for hotel establishments that will compete by preparing typical sweets of the Tuscan tradition. The aim is to enhance the cuisine of the area using typical Tuscan quality products.

Between the sacred and the profane, between rural traditions and the cuisine of the monasteries, the desserts punctuated the various seasons in a sort of calendar of taste, because the dessert was a symbol of special occasions, anniversaries and parties. The bread of ramerino, was consumed exclusively in the Holy Week before Easter. Now in the bakeries and bakeries of Florence it is found throughout the year, but before it was only sold on Holy Thursday, when it was bought and brought to be blessed in the church.

Today, sweets are within everyone's reach, at any time, it becomes important not to forget where certain traditions and certain flavors come from.

The contest will end on July 17 2019. For info and rules: