Italy together with China is the country that holds the record of places included in the list of sites declared World Heritage by Unesco: today there are 55. Among the Regions that own the most there is Tuscany with 7 sites: the the historic center of Florence with treasures such as the Uffizi and Ponte Vecchio; the historical center of Siena, where Palazzo Pubblico and the splendid Duomo are located; Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa, on which stands the famous Leaning Tower. With its rolling hills, cultivated fields and rows of cypresses also the Val d'Orcia it is a World Heritage Site, together with two charming villages of the Terre di Siena: Pienza, built according to Renaissance principles, and Saint Gimignano, the city of towers, also called the Manhattan of the Middle Ages. Complete the list of Tuscan jewels 12 Villas and the 2 Medici Gardens of Tuscany.

The 7 UNESCO sites of Tuscany have their home online: A platform that guards them, describes their peculiarities thanks to the cards for further study, the photo galleries and the proposals of unusual itineraries like the 7-day tour that touches all 7 UNESCO sites entitled "Tuscany to photograph: points of view for breathtaking shots". A unique choral work carried out by the Department of Culture of Tuscany region together with Fondazione Sistema Toscana in a shared participatory path step by step with i referents of Unesco sites. No Italian region has ever equipped itself with such an innovative tool, a virtual visitor center complete and engaging, which contains the Unesco heritage of Tuscany in a single web platform. The site also offers suggestions on where to eat or where to sleep, show the calendar of events, a blog with curiosities and visit suggestions in addition to social wall which displays in a single screen the latest posts published by users who tagged one of the 7 sites. Last but not least, the section with the decalogue of the aware traveler: 10 tips that suggest to tourists how best to prepare to fully enjoy the beauty of places that inspired humanism and the Renaissance of man. The first point recommends: "World Heritage sites were not built in one day. Don't be in a hurry, take the time they deserve! Enjoy the unique beauty of these territories".

An integral part of the transaction is represented by "Dante's Journey ”, the app-game dedicated to the youngest and based on an integrated gaming strategy between virtual environment and real spaces to visit, also with the support of specific contents in virtual and augmented reality. In the app Dante Alighieri accompanies the boys (divided by age groups) on a journey through the seven UNESCO sites of Tuscany. The app anticipates with its theme the seventh centenary of the birth of Dante Alighieri (2021), which will constitute a further opportunity for promotion. The web platform and the gamification App were created by the Tuscan company Space SpA. and from ETT SpA of Genoa.


"All this work," he said Monica Barni, vice president of the Tuscany Region - was born from a close collaboration between the 7 UNESCO sites of Tuscany and the department of culture to plan coordinated and shared communication. This is a very important operation born in December 2015 and supported in 2016 by a loan under Law 77 of 2006 dedicated to the enhancement and promotion of Unesco sites. We created this beautiful website with the aim of making known and making people understand the uniqueness of these places, of providing practical information to visitors and a supportive environment for all operators. To this is added an app on Dante that anticipates the celebrations of 2021 in particular for the younger ones, to encourage the visit especially after these closing months ".

Given the restrictions on travel to and from abroad that still remain, in this first phase the site and the app mainly target the proximity tourism, that is to a mainly Italian public. In addition, visiting a Unesco site offers the opportunity to make outdoor trips, an element that certainly represents an added value in this post Covid restart phase. The visit of Unesco places coincides with a typology of slow tourism which allows the traveler to regain possession of his spaces, surrounded by nature and the beauty of unique places, ancient cities where works of art and architecture unique in the world are preserved, but also small villages where time seems to stand still, between rolling hills and rows of cypresses.