"Thirty years of activity behind this thirty-first edition of Torrita Blues Festival, which is born in the historical center and on which the administration has invested to buy a stage and the towers in which the artists arrange the amplification systems and so on. In 2016 we were the European capital of blues, hosting twenty groups from all over Europe and we are still the Italian capital ".

He recalled, with a hint of legitimate pride, the mayor of Torrita of Siena, Giacomo Grazi, in the press conference presenting the program this year, this morning in the Palazzo del Pegaso in Florence. They will be three intense days. The next 20 June there will be a dinner in Piazza Matteotti, followed by the two highlights of 21 and 22 for which a thousand people are expected. "It will be a good show - said the mayor - also because Piazza Matteotti is a good sound box". In particular, during the evening of the 20 some Italian groups will perform, while on Friday 21 there will be an international musician, Robert Randolph, with his very particular guitar, who plays on his knees, blending sounds of jazz, soul, rhythm and blues. On the final evening of Saturday 22 will perform three American artists, gathered in a single group: the harmonicist Sugar Ray Norcia and the two guitarists Little Charlie Baty and Duke Robillard, who played with the best American musicians.

"We started, almost as a joke, in the 1989 bringing the best Italian bands - he remembers Paolo Giannini at the registry office, for everyone Pancho Blues, one of the founders - Over time we have grown nationally and internationally. It is a wonderful thing".


"I feel very attached to this initiative, which is characterizing Torrita as the city of blues in Tuscany, next to Pistoia," commented the president of the regional council, Eugenio Giani. "With his festival - the president added - he proposes surprising innovations every year, it is an evolving reality. The municipal administration and the voluntary associations deserve encouragement for the strong commitment they put into giving life to events of this level ".

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